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Azrith the Full time spoiler LF Clan

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Azrith, Dec 11, 2015.

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    As in the title I am looking for a clan , Im 28 live in london over the next 2 months I will have a lot of time and would like to invest it into the server.

    What Im looking for is a nice clan english speaking only with a teamspeak or any other com. Not afraid to pvp and party with me. I can speak a couple of languages which is usefull in a diverse server. I played L2 since c3 played off on NA servers Teom , private servers all the major ones.
    I know what im doing and how to do it , what i want is a clan that has active and fun people that I can party with.

    As I play spoiler only this will be my main what im looking for is a nice active community that is 20 + years old speaks english can crack a joke , drink beer with me and share laughs.

    If you need any more information leave a reply in here or pm me , I dont mind joining your teamspeak or w/e and having a talk with you.
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