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Good and Bad of each of these setups (your opinion pls)

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by PorkNails, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. PorkNails

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    I'm trying to decide what to play. Have a couple setups in mind, but I'm not sure about the good and bad things of each.

    SpellHowler + Shillien Elder;
    Destroyer (or Tyrant) (or Dark Avenger) + Warsmith (or Bounty Hunter) + Prophet (or Warcryer);

    Which one would you pick? Why?
  2. Ziemann65b

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    SpellHowler + Shillien Elder.
    Yes, what else?

    Destroyer (or Tyrant) (or Dark Avenger) + Warsmith (or Bounty Hunter) + Prophet (or Warcryer)
    With xxx + Warsmith, I would take a Prophet.
    PP and WC have approximately the same buffs, but the PP has better Heal.
    Although WC has VR but that's strongly nerft. For this the PP has regeneration and Berserker.
    WC has with lvl 78 or so, Chant of Viktory (next patch) very strong but only just with 78th

    But with xxx + Bounty Hunter I would take a Shillien Elder as Buffer. Your Spoiler need the Mana Recharge, without he is fast out of Mana and can only every 3-4 Mob Spoilen.
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