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Old L2 player LF CP/clan

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Rikhey, 20 дек 2015.

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  1. Rikhey

    Rikhey User

    i'm an old player from Lionna, i played from prelude and in stopped before goddess.
    My clan were Nightfall, owo (when i was noob lol), bluewolves, varuna, bregan.

    And i started again on NA servers a few month ago, and i'm 99/95

    I don't want to play theses following classes: SWS,BD, PP, HEALER.
    As buffer i can play WC or OL.

    I want a pvp clan on the New euro classic server. I love pvp, i play only for this.
    Even if i also know that for being good in pvp, pve is necessary for leveling and stuff.
    So i'm also very good for pve. For me PVE means AOE for exp, and RB/epic for stuff.
    Single target party for exp is a non sense...

    If i have to play a warrior, then i can play destro, duelist, dorf.
    Or i can play dagger/archer.
    Or mage.

    Just tell me what you need. I'm french, but i speak well in english, even on TS. I don't want to be in a french clan, and i'm sure you know what i mean xD

    Last thing, my wife will play with me. So i need two slot in a CP.

    If you don't have any CP with 2 slots free, we can join your clan anyway. I can build a CP. It's not a problem. I was also leader for freya,frint,tiat,QA, siege, etc...

    Contact me in PM if you are interested of if you want to discuss.
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