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Lineage II Lore Wiki

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Grazzt, 21 дек 2015.

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  1. Grazzt

    Grazzt User

    For some of us, Lineage II is only a PvP videogame, and there's nothing wrong with that, but for some others, it's a whole alternate reality, a living and breathing world in which our characters experience their life's journey...

    So, for those who want to learn more about this alternate universe, the Shillien Empire is proud to present : the very first Lineage II Lore Wiki !!

    Of course, there are other great Lineage II Wikis around, and some of them even have a small portion dedicated to the Lore, but this project is a bit different as it focuses only on the Lore !
    No game statistic to break the immersion, this Wiki is like a documentary about the world of Aden !

    And because the main point of a Wiki is a collaborative work, I thought we could use this thread here to build it together !
    For now, I've just set up a rough page that we will all edit together (well, with the ones who are interested in this project at least :p )

    I think that the first thing to consider would be the main menu : what do we put in there, and how do we organize it ?
    I've set up an artificial menu for now, but let's start by talking about this : which sections should we have ? And which sub-sections ? Races ? Classes ? Gods ? History ? Anything else ?
    And do we stick to the Classic universe, or do we expend to the Goddess of Destruction one ?

    Check it out here : http://lineage2lore.wikia.com , and let me know what you think of it :D
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