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What were you expecting?

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем mapexfalcon, 23 дек 2015.

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  1. mapexfalcon

    mapexfalcon User

    1. Yes, no Gremlins for you.
    -What? You thought they were gonna send one to each character's mailbox so that there were enough for everyone? Well, obviously, no. Skip these 400 shots and go on, you'll still manage, I promise.

    2. Zones are full.
    - Of course they'll be full. This isn't pseudo-singleplayer MMO Guild Wars 2 with its instances for every character. This is old school Lineage 2. Did you really thought it would be supporting you by the balls and putting down a blanket for you to step on in front of every puddle like a little baby koala? You'll be fighting for farming places, you'll be griefed, you'll die and it's gonna be hard. Well now, don't tell me you thought it was going to be kindergarten's math class...

    3. 10th level quest OMG HELP SPAWN MORE WTF INNOVA FAIL
    - I'm sorry to say to you, but developing the ability to foresee beyond what you'll eat today is an ability which would supplement your life greatly and would have you ready for such situations. Don't. Be. A baby.

    ***More Upcoming***
    - Your character may drop items upon death. "OOOOOh!" you say, well, I think you knew that already, but observing prior reactions to the OBVIOUS thus far, makes me think you'll get a heart attack when you get killed and you drop your karmian gloves. This happens, so tighten you pants!

    - Leveling gets HARD! You've watched a few ru/korean streams I assume? Receiving 0.01 xp in the early 40s is a fact. This isn't a sprint and Lineage 2 isn't WoW. It's not about the endgame, but rather you should enjoy every and each moment, because you're here for the long-run!

    - Adena and items will be scarce! Don't expect to be in full brigadine @ mid 25 level! You'll be most likely still in Wooden (Bronze for the lucky ones). Or make a dwarf. And this is now - with the increased adena and item drop rate. Think about what it was at vanilla start before you start whining!!!

    -------Now to what's important to you------
    It's all worth it if you commit to it a little. You'll never wanna go back to a private server. In RU classic I remember with my first character farming the mandragoras from 21 to 25 just so that I could have the full top NG jewels set, and boy, when I finally got it, I felt like a ************ with a big-*** ****. Pardon, I got myself hyped for a moment there.

    TL;DR Just don't cry too much, or if your life depends on it, keep it to yourself. Lineage 2 Classic is perfect (maybe almost), you're the problem.
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 19 янв 2016
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  2. Norimune

    Norimune User

    I'm still assuming most people must have known what they are getting themselves into. I'm not sure L2C would be too appealing to people not having any prior connection to it.
    And BTW, as far as exp goes... the GoD L2 version isn't too far either. Took me 2 years to get to 99 with a CP... but I'm darn happy to get back to simpler things, to good old wood and metal armors and leave behind all the shiny ****. I just missed the crafting and farming too much here.
  3. Rochu

    Rochu User

    all i can say is iam loving it :93:
  4. Rainlok

    Rainlok User

    Did you just say " gonna be hard" ? :)
  5. Munch

    Munch User

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