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Help lvling 20-40 info??

Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by Capped, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Capped

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    So im currently 23, been in AC since ~20. I am shaman.

    Ive basically solo'd whole time up until now. Parties i find give terrible exp rate and its much faster / easier to level solo. I dont know why this is tbh since everyone else seems to think party is faster. Another problem i have is that AC is too crowded and not really suited for solo so sometimes i cant find a good spot and it reduces my lvling speed.

    My questions to the L2 community are:

    -Why is it faster for me to solo?? Am i finding bad groups? (This is even with me using only DoT / run / last hit, its MUCH faster when i just use stun and waste SS)

    -Where can i solo 20-30/40 that is better than AC? I googled a long time for info and found nothing on classic L2.

    -There are sooooooooo many shamans. I dont have a solid group so seems like its very hard to find a pug group with so many around. Is it better to reroll or something? :(

    I dont know why groups seem so bad to me...i think its because my class is so overplayed all the good groups dont need me? :D
  2. Electroism

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    It really depends on the group. Some are crazy fast other ridiculous slow. The best is a nuker group, you don't have to do much just dot up when tank comes around and watch everything die, afk or something for couple mins and do the same thing over again lol. Not much stress.

    So the whole DoT and Run tactic is really good to save up adena. You don't need to use any type of SS and you can see the mobs life just drops and come in to 1 hit. You can pull multiple mobs. But honestly I like to just run in with heavy and a melee weapon and smash **** lol. Less cooldown and just life leech. This you can set up your own pace.

    I've tried everywhere. AC is honestly the best place for exp and drops until 28-29. One thing it really sucks is that EVERYONE is there. Lucky I play during the time EU players sleep :D

    Yeah I rolled a shaman because it can solo really well on its own and its really wanted by EVERYONE whether Overlord or Warcryer. A class that is a mash up of everything. Sad part is that there is so many shamans players right now and its getting pretty hard to find groups. That really depends, if you love the class just keep on going and find a clan that will take you or just start over and look for something that is least played and wanted. BladeDancer/SwordSinger/ are always wanted and not many people are choosing them at the moment since everyone is trying to rush to the top. Its going to be hard to solo with them though especially swordsinger.

    I've already rerolled to a BD lol.
  3. Roketta

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    Its not all about group. It depends on class u play. Some are more support then others that makes their killing rate slower and partying is only option. Try exp with ur shaman not using burn skill. I bet group exp wouls be better then ha?
  4. Handjob

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    dion hills :) then cruma marsh