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[RP] The Shillien Empire : State of the Clan

Тема в разделе "Community", создана пользователем Grazzt, 9 янв 2016.

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  1. Grazzt

    Grazzt User


    Greetings my Dark Brothers & Sisters, and Happy New Shilen Year !

    This is the first "State of the Clan", which will be a monthly post detailing what exciting things have happened inside the Shillien Empire !

    First of all, the most exciting thing is the creation of our Shillien Empire Clan of course :Thumbsup:
    Well, ok, maybe the most exciting thing was the opening of this Classic server, but the creation of the Clan comes right after that ;)

    And what's even more exciting is that a lot of people seem interested in it !
    To be honest, at first I didn't even know if there would be anyone else besides me inside this Clan, as RP is probably not what interests people the most when they play Lineage II, but after just a couple of weeks we already have 12 people in the Clan, so we even had to get to lv.1 so we can accept them all !
    Actually, we used to be 14 in the Clan, but 2 people left, and I'd like to address that as well.

    One of those people has been found cheating and botting, so his account was banned, and we applaud with both hands !
    There is no way we will accept cheaters in our Clan, Lineage II is a game, which is meant to be fun, and cheating defeats the whole point of having fun !
    It's a really good thing that this person is gone, it's also a good thing that he wasn't one of our more active members, so that's a little less disappointing for us. The only thing to say here is : good riddance, and don't come back :mad:

    The other person who left us did it because he wanted to be in a "top Clan", and of course the Shillien Empire will never be a "top Clan", that's not our purpose at all !
    We are a RP Clan, so most of us will level slower than the average Lineage II player, but as long as everyone is having fun, there's no problem about that.
    Some people can play everyday, some others can't, so there's also gonna be some level difference between the Clan members, but again, that's not a problem for us.

    About the RP, we now have established our weekly RP Events which take place on Sunday afternoons, and the idea here is to come up with some kind of ongoing RP story that links all those events :cool:
    We are even thinking of having some rival Clan that could be our RP ennemies to spice things up a bit, but that's probably further down the road and will be addressed in another "State of the Clan" post.
    For now, our next RP Event will be about introducing our characters so that everyone knows a little bit more about where they come from and what their goal is.

    Talking about goals, our next goal as a Clan is getting to lv.3 !
    The Clan is almost lv.2 now, but the really cool things will come with lv.3, with our own customizable Titles, and our own Clan crest !
    So, let's gather our strength, hunt some monsters in the name of Shilen, and we'll soon be able to reach this goal !

    Alright, that will do it for this month, let's all have fun and, more importantly, spread our Dark Elf Domination all over Aden !
    Hail Shilen !
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  2. Grazzt

    Grazzt User


    Hello and welcome to our second "State of the Clan" post !

    The Shillien Empire was created on the day the Classic Server started, and it's actually quite nice to be able to write this second post, it means that after a month and a half our RP Clan is still around, still alive, and even growing !
    We now have 16 members in the Clan, new members are joining us weekly, we're already lv.2 and on our way to lv.3, so we'll soon get those fancy titles and that cool crest above our heads !

    So, what happened for us this last month ?
    Well, a lot of things !
    First, we found our official Headquarters, in Giran Arena, this is the place where we'll gather to start our RP Events from now on, the scenery is nice, it's quite easy to get to, and the Arena offers us a place to settle some RP fights whenever we need to !

    In this Arena, we held a Promotion Ceremony so some of us are now Officers of the Shillien Empire : we now have a Cardinal, a Warehouse Keeper, a Dark Spy, a Tome Scribe, a Knowledge Researcher, ...

    Then, we also created our "good guys" alt Clan, the Followers of Eva, that will oppose the Shillien Empire in their goal to provoke the return of Shilen on Aden !
    Will they succed ? Will they fail ?
    Will the events described in "Goddess of Destruction" take place or not ?
    That remains to be seen on our forthcoming RP Events !

    What's very nice is that we now start to know each other better, we also know our characters better, so we really start to feel the "RP chemistry" taking place, members are starting their own RP story and everyone gets on board and follows all those mini-stories !
    And because some of us are stuck at work or far away from the game sometimes, we even started a "Play by Forum" on our website so that our characters keep on living their adventures even out of the game !

    A funny thing also happened last month : we had to face our first PKing !
    As we were investigating the Forgotten Temple that the archaelogists from Gludin have recently discovered, a quite powerful Light Elf Archer came almost out of nowhere and tried to kill us all !
    He only succeeded in knocking us down though, and when we came back to our senses we hunted him again an again until he fled from the Temple ... surely he was sent by our ennemies who want to prevent the return of Shilen !

    This episode and everything else that happened to us, including the fact that a strange Light Elf turned her back on Eva and asked to join our order, will be described in our forthcoming "Shillien Empire Story" on our Lore Wiki !
    Yes, that Lore Wiki is the thing we still didn't have time to work on yet, but hey, we're not going anywhere, there's plenty of time to work on that, and at least that gives us a goal for the coming months !
    So if you want to see or participate in this Lore Wiki, don't hesitate to head over here : http://lineage2lore.wikia.com/

    Alright, that will do it for this month, we still have a lot of things to do and a lot of fun to get, so ... long live the Shillien Empire !
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  3. Grazzt

    Grazzt User


    Hello and welcome to another "State of the Clan" post !

    Some people have been crying doom about our Classic Server these past few days, but it's still here of course, and the Shillien Empire is still here as well !
    Granted, we have seen some people leaving after their 3-month preorder, we knew from the start that a Classic Lineage II experience wouldn't be for everyone, but we also have seen some new people joining us, so don't worry we're not going anywhere !

    This new "State of the Clan" post comes a bit later than usual, as I had some personal issues to solve, that's why it's a double "March / April" post :)
    And that's also why we now have a new Clan Leader ingame, namely our former Dark Spy : Idemona !
    I'll still take care of the Clan of course, with our website, our events and everything, but running a Clan in Lineage II is very time-consuming, and as I'm a little short on time these days it seemed like the best thing to share the responsibilty with a more active person, this way we can still take care of our members and offer them a fun experience !

    The first thing our new ingame Leader did was boost our XP bonus to +6%, so if you're starting to feel the grind, don't worry we got you covered with this new permanent bonus !
    We also have started to farm some Proof of Blood, so we can get our Clan to lv.3 and get our cool titles and our nice Shilenic icon ! Our forthcoming events will probably be centered around that, we need 100 Proofs to get the Clan to lv.3 so let's start killing those monsters and getting their blood !

    Now, for the thing that we still didn't have time to work on, but which we absolutely need to do as it's probably the most interesting aspect of a RP Clan : our Lore Wiki !
    Lore in Lineage II is very interesting, and setting up a Wiki will help us getting even deeper into that Lore, so don't hesitate to start contributing to it here : http://lineage2lore.wikia.com

    Alright, that will do it for this time, let's keep on having fun, and preparing the return of Shilen on Aden !
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