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Voting - Do we need to enter normal reward for repeating quests?

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Alt_x1, 13 янв 2016.


Do we need to enter the normal reward for repeating quests ??!

  1. Yes

    1 голосов
  2. No

    2 голосов
  3. I don't care

    3 голосов
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  1. Alt_x1

    Alt_x1 User

    Hi all!

    Sorry for my english.

    The essence of the topic - why still not removed the cap on awards for repetitive quests in 1000 aden?

    Official statements by the administration "to bots earn less" - is the ravings of a madman, the laughter and only. Bots and without quests will earn well. But players, who don't use the bot, can't earn for in-game valuables without these quests. And these players (legites) are forced to buy adena from bots. ==>> LoL, xD ?)))

    My previous theme of the award for repetitive quests of 1000 closed with the wording "it is unlikely that the quest will change. ..." https://4gameforum.com/threads/551505/#post-8091661 .

    I think, if service "game in lineage 2 classic on Euro-servers" is not free (he paid), because WE (as buyers of this service), can make a complaint to the quality of service. I propose to hold a vote on the "Do we need to enter the normal reward for repeating quests?" .

    Especially for those who do not need to repeat quests - If you all are not using repetitive quests, what are you all doing in this thread, why read it, why write posts? You all have nothing to do? Take something useful for yourself !

    P.S. If representatives of the administration will close this topic as the previous one, with the words "it is unlikely that the quest will change. ... ", this will show disregard for the opinion of the players, which is not good.
    Последнее редактирование: 13 янв 2016
  2. VaBybi

    VaBybi User

    bla bla bla.
  3. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

    The previous thread was closed and the reason given was correct.

    The game developers (NCSoft NOT Innova) have decided the quest rewards and have done so based off of their own reasoning and based from their own calculations. A poll here will do nothing but tell us what we already know.

    Discussions about the entire game client were made between Innova and NCSoft prior to release and what Innova has released is what the Developers have decided should be released for Europe.

    And your comments about it encouraging people to buy adena from RMT sellers is not totally accurate, if you increase the amount of adena earned through the game then you increase how easily those people can obtain adena which means they can sell more adena at more competitive rates. There is only one simple answer against RMT sellers and that is to not buy from them...if you cut off the demand there is no reason for the supply.

    Please do not open multiple threads after thread closure as it heads towards flooding the forum, Forum Staff are always happy to provide more information about reasons behind thread closures if you do not fully understand the reason for it, just PM them :)

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