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Vampiric rage on classic

Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by WebStar, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. WebStar

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    hi guys, i find a couple of different information about vampiric rage effect on classic.

    so i have couple of doubts.

    is it working as before only in phisical hits?
    does mages also take advantage from it on nukes.
    does it works on phisical skills lik glad long range skills and archer skills?
    does it works on AOE skills?

    ty in advance for the answers.
  2. MrScubba

    MrScubba Moderator

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    proper testing should be done, but based on my experience it works as the old vampiric AFTER the Kamael update but BEFORE GoD changes

    In details:

    The vampiric effect absorbed N% of all the inflicted damage. No matter if it was 1 mob or entire train, always drained HP based on the vampiric value.
    Works only on melee normal damage, no spells, no skills, no ranged damage.

    Kamael - GoD:
    The absorbed HP is based on the target's HP. The more HP it has the more you drain. Mobs close to death will provide less HP through vampiric effect.
    Also in this patch the vampiric effect is nerfed when hitting multiple targets, effectively with pole. You drain 100% of your vampiric value from the main target, but gradually less from additional mobs. Example: 8% from main target, 6% from 2nd mob, 5% from 3rd etc.
    Works only on melee normal damage, no spells, no skills, no ranged damage.

    You drain with everything from everything.
    I loved that chronicle but it was spoonfeeding less talented players, like most of new MMOs.


    So I think in our case we have the 2nd option.
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  3. ThreeNill

    ThreeNill User

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    Forgetting to mention that the CHANCE to drain is not 100% , but ~30%. So not every hit will restore hp.
  4. lMak0l

    lMak0l User

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    Just for precision, the effect of VR in Kamael - GoD for aoeing is such that you get 100% of the life steal you're supposed to get on the first mob hit, but every other mob hit in the same swing will give half the previous life from the effect.
    1. First mob: 100%
    2. Second mob: 50%
    3. Third mob: 25%
    4. Fourth mob: 12.5%
    5. Nth mob: 1/2^(n-1)

    In effect, this means that you get maximum twice as much health from aoeing with a pole than with single target (limit of the sum of the numerical suit 0.5^n from n=0 to infinity is 2).