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Worth mentioning.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iMadD, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. iMadD

    iMadD User

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    So I had my suspicion that same phenomenon will happen and here and soon enough with a fast trip to npc I was right.
    Many will all ready be aware of it I'm sure but for those few guys don't notice it or don't bother to look around.
    What I am talking about is for the shops buying materials on prices way less what you could sell them on the npc.
    That could be happening because people would like to craft something very cheap or resell the materials and all that is fair practices but what I am afraid happening is most of those players turn the materials in to the npc for fast profit and that's imo wrong...
    So yeah keep your materials for later only they will increase in value as people will want to craft B and later A grades or try to find the fair priced buy shops
    In any case seeing shops buying for example
    Thread for 30 or less adena when npc buy for 45 adena
    Durable braid and silver nuggets for 100 adena buying shop when npc buy for 225 adena well yeah take extra time to look around please.
  2. Apophis

    Apophis User

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    I highly doubt that anyone is selling them to the NPC, and for sure those buy shops don't do that at all.
  3. Norekien

    Norekien User

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    Pretty much sure a lot of people are selling them to npc.
    And also there is hella of shops doing this thing about prices, i even had to make an excel myself so i don't check the prices over and over at npc because i forget about them.
  4. JohnVanDamme

    JohnVanDamme User

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    I sell to NPC, but im also an idiot so dont count me in ur stats
  5. Zaaky

    Zaaky User

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    I sell to the NPC too if no one is buying at a higher price. You may say that it is not good value for money since they would increase in value later. But the thing is as a relatively low level player (mid 20s) I need to cash to get a better weapon. The faster I get a better weapon the less soul shots I need to kill the same mob and the more profit I get from hunting. In the beginning I used to spend around 75% of the adena drops I got for souls shots. That is now down to around 35% and I hope to be able to decrease that even further.

    So ye if you are getting support from higher level friends or clannies then you can go ahead and save materials, but as one person who wants to make a bigger profit without being into the crafting/reselling business then vendoring not demanded materials is a valid option imo.