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Fake death bug - no mana consumption / instant stand up / 3 seconds untargetable

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем UniqueName, 2 фев 2016.

  1. UniqueName

    UniqueName User

    I want to report a bug with Shadow Fake Death skill of all Othell classes.

    The following macro allows it to be used:
    line1:/useshortcut X Z1
    line2:/useshortcut X Z2
    (optional) line3:/useshortcut X Z2

    The X should be replaced by the number of the skill bar you'll be using.
    The Z1 should be replaced by /sit action from action bars.
    The Z2 should be replaced by /vendor action from action bars.

    Example screenshot:

    Once you use shadow fake death skill and your character hits the ground (or slightly before it hits it), press the macro.

    What happens is:
    1) If done before character hits the ground, you will stand up, fake death will be canceled, you will not consume any mana at all for the skill and you will be able to move and use skills right away after the vendor bar appears on your screen.
    2) If done when/after your character hits the ground, you will stnad up, fake death will be canceled, but the icon of the skill will stay on your buff bar, rendering you untargetable for 1-3 seconds, depending on your timing/luck, mana will be consumed depending on how long you stay in on the ground, you will be able to move and use skills right away after the vendor bar appears on your screen.

    In my experience, a 3rd option is possible of recovering mana with the skill, but I cannot do it constantly, so I cannot provide examples on how or why it happens.

    The use of this bug provides your character with either no use of mana for the fake death or up to 3 seconds untargetability, every time you use this and in both cases allows you to move and use skills without any delay once your character stands up (differently, than simply turning off the toggle of the fake death, which allows your enemy to target and take action on you, before you can move or use any skills).

    If additional information or examples are needed, I can provide. I would also like to notice that use of this bug gives a huge edge to the othell player in PvP and same as Celestial bug, should be a punishable offense.
  2. xHaseo

    xHaseo User

    Nice one,guess where people figured out this stuffs nowday. Recovering mana is impossible since you cannot use items with the 'vendor' shop opened,you can't use items at all,only skills.The toogle is delayed making you (if lucky) untargettable for few seconds.Not so bad imho,since the skill was broken and you were hittable even while standing,but in that case the othell was unable to move for 1 second,which is enough to make you dead.This bug is not the same as celestial,since in that case the bug was removing the celestial in order to not take a debuff,and make you able to get another celestial,making you immune for 20+ seconds,this bug is due to the 'skill delay issue' which has been reported several times,but nobody minded to fix,and in the end it doesn't allow you to be unkillable for 20+ seconds,so not such a big deal,it just fix the bug of a skill not working ;)
    In a server/patch where most of the osom players are visa masters who lands 100k per skill,having 1 sec to bsoe or to clear your ideas,doesn't seem such a punishable offense,i'd rather punish GMs for not fixxing the bugs :p
  3. Surprised

    Surprised User


    One of first tries doing it, uploaded and reported nearly 1y ago :p