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Lv.31 casual player LF friendly clan. =)

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем ~Seraphina~, 9 фев 2016.

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  1. ~Seraphina~

    ~Seraphina~ User

    Hi! So, I have a Lv.31 ish crafter, and a Lv.31ish SE, and I'm sort of looking for english speaking friends to play with. I'd also appreciate it if there is voice chat, as it certainly makes things easier when in clan groups etc. I have to admit I mostly type, though, but I talk on TS/vent when spoken to, or when drinking wine. :Inlove:

    I live in Norway, however my accent is slight, and my gaming hours are quite versatile, so I can basically play with just about anyone.

    And I guess I don't mind the occasional PvP either, it's just that I've been in too many random parties with mentally handicapped players who are just way too trigger happy in my opinion. Call me silly, but I feel that most disputes can be solved diplomatically without anyone losing exp or dropping their gear to mobs because of stun or the chaos caused by people not being on TS when PvP does break out. Basically, I don't like it when people are jerks for no apparent reason, so griefing and conversing about whose mother will be penetrated by whom doesn't exactly float my boat. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, reply here or send me a pm. Oh, and I don't really know which character I consider to be my main. I enjoy both my crafter and my healer, but I don't mind making the SE my main as long as there are people in the clan with whom I can play with. :X3:

    Thanks! Hope to see you ingame! :Laugh:

    *Also, I almost forgot to mention. My laptop is haunted and does *left mouseclick* without me doing it, sooo I might make some mistakes now and then.. :oops:
    Последнее редактирование: 9 фев 2016
  2. Zstar

    Zstar User

    Hey sera

    My clan is a newer smaller one but we are slowly growing and looking for casual but dedicated players like you. Please make an application or message me here if youre interested!

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