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DN vs GL - What's your oppinion ?!

Discussion in 'Tyrr Warrior' started by KyznTheKing, Feb 9, 2016.


What's the best to you?

  1. Tyrr Duelist

  2. Tyrr Dreadnought

  1. KyznTheKing

    KyznTheKing User

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    Hello dear forum, as the tittle says im here to do a discuss with you guys about which is the best Tyrr of the two (Duelist and Dreadnought) to PvP at the moment in general(As i say in general i mean Solo PvP/Party x Party or even Mass PvP).

    Im rocking an Dreadnought for the fact that i can support my party with stun locks and everything even tho i miss a bit of DMG output. So what's the best Tyrr of this two in your oppinion ?

  2. SnoWyz

    SnoWyz User

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    If you can have:
    - 5/5 stun jewels
    - physicall trait in dual
    - get +++% stun attack in weapon
    - have hard p/m def and -% pvp dmg taken
    Your WL will rock.
    Now if you can have:
    - Pvp duals ++++ 2sa
    - ++++ pvp power from items
    - Ruby 4/5
    - And etc for pure power, like +str+cha dyes

    Your duelist will do damage, not like a dagger, not like an archer, but will be nice.
    Depends on what you wanna be, pure power or cc'er/disabler.
  3. Yunalesca

    Yunalesca User

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    Uncomparable classes, if you were to change you would think you play a completetly diferent class, if u enjoy what u do now, you wont enjoy duelist at all, unless you make it as dual class for the lulz.
  4. xHaseo

    xHaseo User

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    That would be kinda sad,like people doing feoh/feoh or othell/othell...oh wait. :'(
    Btw they 'uncomparable'.

    Dreadnought -
    1v1/olympiads : If you have a really strong stun setup,you can't lose.Keep your enemy under stun lock and watch him crying to death. Even tho this is slow and really boring to do (and i did lots of time since i got a dual DN),this is the strong point of the DN. (Looking forward for ******ed comments like "qq boring qq running in oly qq route")
    7v7/sieges : Mhh...this was on Naia,but that server was made of robots so...here where people play with hands (i hope so),DN is not so usefull (in my opinion) into 7v7 or siege...i'll explain; if you face a really good pt,with 2 healer and iss,probably one player into that party will be immune to debuff for the whole PvP,or almost ,since i don't know the reuse time of brilliant purges (the AOE ones) but if you combo purge+cele+purge+angel touch,I guess you can almost make 1 player into ur party immune to debuffs...buuuuut this works vs good players,and i saw lots of people who doesn't know what purge is so.In siege field tyrr is already 'useless' since you must engage in close combat,and the stunlock wont be much effective since you wont have the time to stunlock the target to death in the mess.

    Duelist -
    1v1/olympiads : You don't need to have a stun setup,but duelists need a pure dmg setup,which require good weapons and full STR setup. Damage wise probably the best tyrr warrior (into PVP,PVE wise it's trash) if well geared and played in the correct way.PVP nowdays is made (mostly) with skills,and duelists have the most variety of skills compared to the others. And they also got some nice debuff/buff. In the other hand,as far as you can prevent the duelist to damage you,he's not a problem,and is the one who lack of survival skills (even if the dmg from DN is by far lower,they can survive by keeping the target under a stunlock festival,duelists can't). So duelist is most likely a "die before i do" tyrr :D
    7v7/sieges : No.Maybe they can be of any help into a 7v7,but in siege field...

    Honestly tyrr warriors are not the kind of class i'd bring into a PVP pt,it's ok that they can be really annoing and have an huge HP/CP gauge,but against a good pt tyrrs are kinda useless,ur opponents will always have supports supporting (...) their pt members,making the work of the tyrr harder since their low dmg output compared to others DDs
  5. Centrio

    Centrio User

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    Duelist is a oly warrior.
    Warlord is for farm, exp.
  6. MrOurk

    MrOurk User

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    It all depends on what you want to focus. If you're really into farming pve for xp, a very good geared dreadnough will do the job way better than duelist, basically you have 2 pole masteries if I'm not wrong, and the stun is almost 100% with 3-4 stun jewels if you take also 2 AP's for stun + physical traits, the only mobs you won't be able to stun are Atelia Captains because they are inmune to stuns, but a good warlord in atelia / gos is probably more usefull than a tank or a DD with low damage, the survivality increases by a lot. You also got some cancel for any kind of pvp.

    For olympiad is very good farmed if you have very good gear, the stun lock will help you win lots of olympiad fights, while in 7v7 / mass pvps it's almost useless, due to most of pt's in top clans using eva's runes on their healers, which means you don't even need to use angel on anyone to have perma inmunity for whole party.

    Duelist is kinda different, for pve it will be not incredible, specially for xp, since you have 0 aoe damage at all, but for pvp imo it's way better than DN, you will have insane amount of damage with proper items due to your 101 skill, and not only that but some other skills , if used properly have very good utility for pvp also. For 7v7 / mass pvp's it's way better than DN because you don't rely on debuffs in order to make your damage, just pop abundance, rhapso, 101 skill and berserker and you can make insane amount of damage (just no duelists with good items in this server besides Captive I would say). For olympiad, if geared up properly, for me it's top 1 farmer in this update
  7. St0ne

    St0ne User

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    Is it me,or this topic was created on FEB.09 ? :D
  8. MrOurk

    MrOurk User

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    Mm, good catch, actually forgot to check the date OP made the topic :D
  9. Seivlas

    Seivlas User

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    I had a picture somewhere for the award of the topic digger, but can't find it :(
  10. Thunderlane

    Thunderlane User

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    This one will do?