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Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by epowl, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. epowl

    epowl User

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    Hello there, I am interesting to start on Core but i wanna ask first.

    It worth making a farming toon ? what i mean is:

    i know you can make 85 toons and farm zaken...
    i know you can do daily instances and pray for a drop..

    but is there any advantage if i make a farming machine ? like titan or sorc ?
    will i be able to have some serious income comparing to someone doing just daily staff ?

    If yes, whats the best char i should pick for that purpose ? and whats the method that gonna bring me the extra income ?(ie : sorc - selling power level. etc etc)
  2. cmec1

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    with new xp rates in kartia there is no need of powerlvl now... ppl are shouting all day hoping some1 has a vitality pot from dragon and willing to spend 100kk on loc farm..
    so with 100005000 zaken boxes u gona make more adena and faster than u can even find a customer for pwlvl, duno how's there at 85-95lvl tier but on 95+ pwlvl outside atelia is worthless