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SALE on Premium Accounts

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Fahrenheit, 19 мар 2012.

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  1. Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit User


    fellow players,

    we are glad to announce that we are having sale of premium accounts from 20[sup]th[/sup] of march up to 3[sup]d[/sup] of april! (sale will start after maintenance!)

    thus pa for 6 months will be €34,99 instead of €56,99
    3 months will cost €19,99 instead of €29,99
    and one month will cost you €7,99 instead of €11,99

    in other words we make a 38,6%, discount on a 6 months, where one day of playing costs you €0,19. a three-moths pa discount is 36,7% which lowers the price of a day’s game down to €0,22. a month’s pa discount is 33,3%, where a day’s cost is €0,26. sounds good, doesn’t it?!
    you will be able to buy as many pas as possible. therefore you can buy as many 6-months subscriptions as you want which would allow you to play for less for 2 or 3 years. don’t miss this chance!


    lineage 2 team
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