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Question about future patch.

Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by gino2323, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. gino2323

    gino2323 User

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    Hello guys,

    i was wondering if mages will be still that strong as they are now??
    the reason i am asking this is because i saw on the internet that archers will get Silence shot,Real target etc... all kind of skills to kill mages even faster.

    Secondly i heard they are planning to do something about mages their castingspeed (lowering it)

    Does anyone has facts and could explain me exactly what they will do or not do.
  2. a1reyu_

    a1reyu_ User

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    Even Innova still dont know what kind of patch built finally will be on EU/RU l2C, so, who knows? Lets waiting till official announcement. Before that - any knowledge about patch - could be finally different from actuality.

    And also if I may ask you - why are you asking? Are you afraid that there will be fix? Even if it will happen, what you gonna do? Switch in Archer class? Ok, but if in next patch they gonna fix Archers , what you gonna do? Do you see logic of it? :)

    Find for urself a class which is most pleasurable for you and dont follow to this "patches business".
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