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WTS Everything - Top Items

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Dudeguy, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. Dudeguy

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    +12 Bloody Amaranthine Dualswords , SA 25% HP , SA 15% Atk Speed , 300 Holy Element
    +10/10/10/10/8 Eternal Heavy Set all 120 (Gaiters only part that is +8 rest is +10)
    +6 Blessed Valakas Necklace
    +6 Lindvior Earring
    +6 Baium Soul Ring
    +6 Earth Wrym Heart Ring
    +4 Blessed Zaken Earring
    5% P.Atk Hat
    +6 Ekimus Belt
    Talisman Longing
    Talisman Abundance - Hunter
    Venir's Talisman - LVL 8
    150x Emperor Growth Scrolls
    200x Feather Of Blessing
    100x Blessed Res Scrolls
    Talisman Abundance - Hunter
    2x Talisman Abundance - Conqurer
    2x Talisman Abundance Slaughterer
    2x LVL 1 Venir Talisman
    LVL 2 Venir Talisman
    3x LVL 3 Venir Talisman
    LVL 5 Venir Talisman
    11x BEAR
    2x Blessed Enchant Elemental Shirt Scroll
    4x BEWR
    81x EAR
    6x Enchant Shadow Weapon Scroll
    2x EWR
    5x LESAR - 15%
    12x HGLESAR - 30%
    60x HGLESWR - 20%
    11x Blessed LESWR
    30x Blessed LESAR
    10x Blessed LESAR - 30%
    2x Lesser Giant's LESWR
    4x Windy LESWR - 20%
    3x Blessed Giant's LESWR
    4x Blessed Giant's LESAR
    3x Lesser Giant's LESAR
    63x Hair Acc Stones
    25x GEAR
    5x GEWR
    58x top Grade Sirit Stone
    20x Elcyum
    1x Mystic Soul Crystal Fragment
    1x Freya EAR
    1x Freya EWR
    480x Giant's Energy

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.