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Classic and Arrows

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Xpired, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Xpired

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    So ive been playing and archer for a few weeks now and one thing i noticed that is a major downside to playing an archer is arrows.

    Its not blanced that an archer cant prepare for hours of grind in the same way any other players can, archers cant carry soulshots and arrows for hours of grind and thats a shame.

    i know this is classic and quivers wasent a part of classic and dont have to be a part of it, but the weight of arrwos should be lower so that we can carrow arrows and soulshots for hours of grind without haveing to return to town for arrows after 2-3 hours.

    i know that i c3/ there was a change to arrows and arrow boxes, that would be a way to fix it( granted iam not 100% sure arrow boxes are in the game i just havent seen any)

    So please have this in your mind that archers are getting screwed on this and have to make a comprimise not to use ss or not use a bow for pve.

    in before qq this is classic get use to it from all the forum trolls
  2. Haruhiro

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    What's not balanced is that an archer can lock down a small party on its own with stun shot. If you can't deal with having to soe back to town to buy more arrows/ss then I'd consider making a box to carry it around for you or make some friends that can do it.
  3. SweetDreamZ

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    Seriously hours of grinding ?

    You dont use mp as Archer so you can take much more shots/arrows with you. just deal with weight penalty lv1 which shouldnt bother you because once again Archers already are favoured by No mp useage upon knocking an Arrow ...

    Also little advice in case you havent done it yet. Delete your basic lv1 equiptment from your Inventory. i suppose you dont need that shirt/pants/sword/dagger anymore. it weights alot also just taking extra weight away laying in your inventory.

    Extra Trollattack: if you wanna go for super powerranger for hours without having to worry about arrows or shots weight. Reroll Crafter. you have a Pet for extra attack and you can craft your own arrows/shots at anytime during pve :D problem solved. and Yes you can even play Crafter as Archer just put a Bow on it :p
  4. 530U1

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    maybe addition arrows packs like soulshots packs will be better