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Solo/Duo pole aoe spots

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Quaak, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Quaak

    Quaak User

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    So, i made a human warrior just for fun and was wondering where to exp fastest. Took him to 20 by killing random stuff and got him a spear and a brig set.
    Ive had pretty good exp in school of dark arts till 24, but now mobs are green and i gotta find a better place soon.

    In your opinion...what are the best places to solo/duo pole aoe in the game and for what level range? Maybe this thread can also be a guide to other newbs since ive seen some new players going for warlord aswell.

    1-20 random mobs
    20-25 school of dark arts DE village (with support/heal)
  2. Maya Reinhartz

    Maya Reinhartz User

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    Welcome back :rolleyes:

    Level 25~30 = Partisan's Hideaway
    Level 31~40 = Ant's Nest

    Do try to have an Elven/Shilen Oracle around though.

    Or you know... you can just ask Serene. :Geek:
  3. SweetDreamZ

    SweetDreamZ User

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    abandoned Camp is nice for 25-32 if you have the big spot with commanders but be aware of stunners. this spot is wanted alot by spoilers.
    As Maya said partisan hideaway but i think it can be done from 25-34.
    i personally wouldnt go ant nest as Warlord, we have tried that and it just takes to much mana on healing support before you can finish mobs.
    I would suggest you Bugbear warriors near Giran castle front. the warriors can be done till i guess 37 max.
    37-40 you can do some aoeing in plains of lizardman near River on the Lizardman Soldiers. they are agro, so u dont need to hit them.
  4. Ezinu

    Ezinu User

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    any ideas for lvl 51-55 ?
  5. JohnVanDamme

    JohnVanDamme User

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    fom ghosts

    im a bishop and my friend has SE PP box and hes a WL and we get good xp
  6. Alexsaysz

    Alexsaysz User

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    SE+WL is kind of the best duo you can have from level one if you start from zero (melee from 1-20 with the no-grade weapon form newbie quests -lvling a mage without a melee or a recharger is a pain the ***-, then from 20 to 40 with current free d-grade duals+free armor from moonlight quest at 25 or so) and then small aoe until you can buy c-grade stuff.

    It's either that or choosing a strong melee option as DD -tyrant, glad, even summoners-(and then PP is better than SE in most situations except for summoners).
  7. Renzoakin

    Renzoakin User

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    A few aoe mages with WL and you win L2
  8. DonkeyBomb

    DonkeyBomb User

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    20-25 as u said school dark arts
    20-30 u can also AC (generals commanders train)
    25-33 (partizans)
    around 25-30 (orc barracks)
    35-42 (lizardmans plains oren)
    40-48 -aligators island

    i trained as wl, and as destro (as destro u need a correct spot with a corner to kill) and of corse support heal
  9. 1Shadow9Fists

    1Shadow9Fists User

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    You guys told him the most popular options, but the game is not limited to those.
    In ant nest, after 34 lvl I think, you must change ants. And the poison of the red hurt your exp a lot. The best exp I found btw 35-38 was in EG, Hangman tree. They are many, aggressive and there are corners you can cover your back. 38-40 is pain and most ppls go to lizards. I got lucky thanks to friends.

    Basilisks outside ant nest (tp from Gludio) are easy to solo with +3 briga set. With no buffs, no box, just by yourself you can exp till they are green to you. For ant nest and EG you need healer, no chance otherwise.

    In Partisan, right top corner, there is "house" with 12 mobs. 2x3 team, 2 agresiv and 4 non (maybe 2 more, not sure they was 12 or 14 mobs in the spot), no archers ofc, where you can aoe with duo healer. Because they are 2xhP you dont take them with skills, look for corner and auto-attack.

    The road to EG, from Dion, you can find Mandragoria (or w-e is the name of the mob). Aggressive, die easy with skills, if its empty you can train there with only ww potion. Easy exp, good drop (when D crystals still worth it). And you can do it without box.

    20-25 lvl SoDA :D best if you have gear. I was there with NG bronze armor and NG spear, duo with SO and was not so easy to stay alive :)
    You can also exp on Veleen Bugbears warriors and non, near Gludio. This is better if you must bring your box or friend from any area to DE village and back again. Save money from tp and time walking to school of dark arts.

    I try after 35 lvl Giran garden but I didnt like the area. I didnt like exp in Orc barracks, in my opinion AC is better.

    After 40 lvl you must calculate how many skills you use to clean your wave of mobs or you will find yourself more sitting then running and killing :) 2 is the best (stun and dmg) - Timak orcs near Oren. 3 - trees in SoS, 4 or more for 2xHP mobs - not worth it if you are solo without box SE/EE.
    If you have party - AI is the best exp or its what everyone say :p

    btw the area near Oren is sooooo empty atm. You can exp there like a boss, with chance for top D weapon.
    The funny thing is that gargoyls in IT crater are so easy to exp, but ppls farm them for DW book, and you must be rly lucky (like few times I was) to find the area empty of other ppls.

    Cruma lvl 3 is hard but possible with 3 ppls team (2 aoe dd + EE/SE). You need 10 skills to take down porta/krator but you take the full room and the respawn of monsters is slower, so you can rest and recharge some mana before next wave.

    Outside Cruma, in the marshlands, spiders and drones give you some of the best exp in your lvl range, but again - poison is a problem. I didnt have money to make the test with poison rez D grade set and didnt have EE buff Poison Resistance. With both of this, probably you can win

    Thats what I tested in Classic. I miss many of areas and possibilitys that Cata/Necro/herbs give you in other chronicles.