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Cp party (archers) lf active clan with members 40-50lvl's

Discussion in 'Classic hardcore in your language' started by MazsNieks, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. MazsNieks

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    Good evening, because of our old clan activity decrease and hope's we're are looking active pvp/raids supportive clan witch have active 1-2 cp's around lvl's 40-52. We are active 9-10 people with life's from Europe who are logging at evening's after the work from 18:00-19:00 till 23:00-00:00. Around 4 hours every evening at working days. We're looking pvp/raids/events cw(not 10lvl's higher). We're not interesting at RMT or Russian speaking clan's. All our members with good gear,skilled and not afraid of pvp, we're always coming for help if it needed, the same we expecting from the clan too.
    Our lvl's around 45-48.
    So if you are interested about us please leave private message at forum or just here.
  2. Stormie88

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    You guys would be perfect for our clan... We are mainly around your level 44-50 and have about 2 cps (mostly archer Cp's) right now due to people leaving the game in general. BUT we also have 2 clans with real clan halls(No Mandatory Due's). You can go here(https://4gameforum.com/threads/539371/) for more info or pm squishy he is on during your times or Stormie, Mica, and SundanceKid could also get you info. But the easiest way is to just visit our forums and make a post http://l2dreamteam.forumotion.eu/

    I will note i say CP just because its the term to use but we exp everyone that is online if they need a party so i would say we are not a TRUE CP system. If you need a party and a party has a spot we invite you.