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Panther Dark Claw

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Arthoryos, 28 апр 2016.

  1. Arthoryos

    Arthoryos User

    Hello everyone I do not know if here and right for this place also do not know if This has already been posted here , however my doubts / Disclaimer it is Next. WHEN I turned dark avenger was Do the skill test : Panther Dark Claw in the skill description says : Decreases dark attribute enemies 25. However is not paying off this effect here , did the test : Panthe Dark Claw + Drain Health with the damage and without the effect remained the same . Soon after I called a friend of mine Necromancer to also test I used the Dark Clan on a friend in the Arena and soon after asked to use Necromancer Death Spike and the damage still the same .. I wonder if you are already aware of the defect ?