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Equipment / Mdef/Pdef

Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by Naralein, May 22, 2016.

  1. Naralein

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    My lvl 14 dwarf has "naked" 55 mdef.

    with Necklace (Novice) (according to the description 18 mdef) it shows 62 mdef (+7 (only 39% of the 18mdef from the description)),
    with Ring of Firefly (11 mdef) it shows 63 (+8 (73%)),
    with Ring of Heir (14 mdef) it shows 67 (+12 (86%)).

    Why is that so little with the necklace? And why 11 mdef doesn't mean 11 mdef?

    It's even more extrem with the pdef:
    95 pdef "naked"
    with leather shirt (43 pdef) I come only on 107 (+12 (28%)).
    with leather pants (27 pdef) I come on 104 (+9 (33 %)).

    I think this makes it very difficult to see what you get when you read the description of an item.

    Does anybody understand this or has an explanation? Bug? Wrong description? Will it be fixed?
  2. Rizos

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    Hi. Every inventory empty slot has its base m def/p def. Thats why on lvl 1 ur char naked doesnt have 0 m def. Necklace slot has 11 base m def. So when u equip necklace with 18 m def u replace 11 m def for 18 m def, and u gain only 7. Same goes for armor