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[L2Store] Fish your wish

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем CM Amarantha, 31 май 2016.

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  1. GM Amarantha

    GM Amarantha Innova Group



    Summer has started, which means that we can rest a bit and enjoy the life a little bit more!;)

    Why not to go fishing? All the more so, as you can get not only experience, but also the real treasures!:Thumbsup:

    Attention! Fishing is available only for users with active Premium Account option.

    A promotion starts on 15th of June and will last till 28th of June 2016.
    On 28th
    of June 2016
    the following items are going to be deleted from L2 Store:

    – Heine Exclusive Fishing Tools (300 Pack)
    – Heine Exclusive Fishing Tools (3000 Pack)

    All the items and prizes will stay in the game after promotion is over.

    1. How shall I get Heine Exclusive Fishing Tools

    To take part in promotion you need Heine Exclusive Bait . You can get it from Fisher Peeves in Heine or from Fishing Guild members in all the big villages.


    However, the fishers won’t give you a bait just like that! They will ask for Heine Exclusive Bait Coupon.

    Exchange rate is the following:


    How can I get a Coupon? It’s very easy! Buy a Heine Exclusive Bait Coupon in L2 Store at a bargain price:


    A character of any level can buy the Fishing Tools in L2 Store.

    There are two different Chests:



    You will have practically all that you need for fishing inside the Chests. The main item that you need to start fishing is Heine Exclusive Bait Coupon.

    Please note:
    that there is no Fishing Rod inside the Chest with 300 baits. However, you can buy it with Adena from Fishing Guild members.

    2. Start fishing!

    You can start fishing if you have exchanged all the Coupons and have enough Bait.


    You can fish in Heine or in any other village where fishing is permitted – there are no special requirements about the location. Neither a type of the Rod you are using, nor a presence of Fishing Shot is important. The core element to get the prizes is Heine Exclusive Bait usage.

    There are 4 types of Bait to fit all the levels:


    You have a chance to get a Heine Exclusive Reward Chest for a Heine Exclusive Bait:


    When you open it, there is 100% chance to get Heine Fishing Coin (1 item.):


    and some chance to get Exclusive Reward Chest (1 item):


    Please, note the difference between the Chests: basic Chest, that is acquired during fishing with exclusive bait does have a word Heine in its item name, while main reward Chest doesn’t.

    Another advantage of Exclusive Bait is the larger EXP and SP gain during fishing! Below you will find a table with approximate amounts of EXP and SP that you will gain using Exclusive Bait:

    * These numbers are approximate and may differ from what you actually gain. At some border levels, for instance, character of level 86 will gain slightly more EXP and SP than at level 85: 55,037,085 EXP and 132,081 SP.

    In case of failed fishing attempt you will not get EXP or items.

    3. Peeves’ Elite Fishing Rods
    Fishing Coins, acquired from chests, can be traded for elite fising rods at Fisher Peeves NPC:


    Elite Rods can be used during promotion and when it is already over. Their unique feature allows you to gain 50% more EXP and SP from fishing. Additionally, using this Rod will decrease the amount of time needed for each fishing cycle.

    The exchange rate is the following:


    Save up fishing coins to buy an unlimited Elite Fishing Rod, you will find it useful even after the promotion is over! ;)

    During the fishing you will get Heine Exclusive Reward Chest, from which you can get Heine Fishing Coin or Exclusive Reward Chest. From this chest (without word “Heine” in it’s name) you will get the main prize:

    When you open a Chest, you will definitely receive one of the items, mentioned in below:


    You will get one permanent Agathion (from 1 till 4 level) from the Zodiac Agathion Pack. These Agathions are identical to those, that were sold in L2 Store inside the Wondrous Casket last year.

    Known issues:
    1. In-game description of "Event Maphr's Wind Scroll" contains inaccurate data: Item will be removed after the promotion. In fact, none of the items acquired during the promotion will be deleted after promotion is over.
    2. In-game description of "Zodiac Agathion Pack" contains inaccurate data: Wrapped Pack containing Agathion - Angry Devil (30-day). In fact, this pack contains special Agathion Packs.
    3. In-game description of "Elite Fishing Rods" contains inaccurate data: fishing duration -50%. In fact, these rods decrease the fishing duration time by 100 seconds.

    Discussion thread is here.
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