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New Melee Aoe Casuel Eng/Int Farming CP

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Wiccan, 12 июн 2016.

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  1. Wiccan

    Wiccan User

    Hey guys, with the way the server is currently it might be the time to focus on pve untill something changes(2.0?)

    Iam trying to build a melee casuel aoe CP, to focus on farming and such.

    might not be anyone around that want to do this but who knows, maybe theres someone out there like me loveing this game and hope for a change after summer, and in the meantime we might aswell farm some adena/items/mats.

    send me a msg if your interrested in this, and over the next week or 2 we'll try to build this, and figure out how active it should be/days/times etc.

    Was thinking something like this:

    i'll be playing a pole and boxing a pp, and i dont mind bd/sws to be boxed by someone else, as this is ment for pve and not pvp.

    pp - boxed
    pole/other melee aoe - filled
    pole/other melee aoe
    pole/other melee aoe/ myabe ol

    so let me know if your interrested in this, i dont care what side your on currently/was as this is ment as a farming project and will be made of new chars or your alt thats around 26ish.
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