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Worth starting ?

Discussion in 'Questions and Info' started by ShiKiba, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. ShiKiba

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    Hello I have played Lineage 2 for many years and i have the urge to start again. And when i heard that there is a Lineage 2 classic i got excited. But after reading forums my joy is vanishing. So i would like if someone could answer some question (Yes i know that these kind of threads were made here before but they are trashed by well known trollers)
    So the questions are:
    1. How many players are playing on average ?
    2. Is it worth playing 12-20 hours per week?
    3. Are there many botters as in NCWest?
    4. In NCWest there is a big problem with RMT where those *******s go into cities and spam their links and make communicating in cities impossible is it the same here?
    5. Is Innova a reliable and keeps there server under control unlike NCWest?
    6. How long is this server expected to last?
    7. Are there low lvl clans which are focused on having fun instead of rushing to end gear?
  2. BeFair

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    1. Around 300 - 600 depends on Time
    2. If its worth for u to pay 10€ for 12-20 hours per week, then id say yes ( with this Promo Code u can play 14 days for free / 101546805603238 ) and u can also add 3 Months of Playtime for 12,50 € , but only i think for one week more
    3. There are botters, but i think not that many like in nc west
    4. Rmt is here also, but u dont get spammed to much
    5. Innova hmmm we dont hear much of them
    6. The More people play, the longer it will last, so u actually help by playing :D
    7. There should be some around, but its not that hard to solo anymore like months ago ( u get noob buff scrolls, a few xp scrolls, d-grade weapon for 30 days etc )

    I hope i could help a little
  3. Joymark

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    Summary , do not play . It's a waste of time.
    Innova changes the game and Payment System or Server lasted very Little.
  4. Rethai

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    Yes, I think it's worth it if you are in love with old kind of L2. I see people starting everyday, looking for parties, etc. The population isn't horrible, a lot of people seem to be doing their own thing, forming CPs, joining clans. Community is small but strong, and still has potential for growth (maybe open to NA players?).

    Other than that, it's a good old L2 and most of all it's still fun.

    Not sure why the guy above my post is still even here... the guy doesn't play and just comes on the forum to troll... maybe he wishes he still played....who knows.. either way make up your own mind. Subscription is pretty cheap right now, so at least you can check it out on your own, and make your own opinion about the server. Could the server use more people? Sure, but you still can find plenty of hardcore L2 players around to play and enjoy the game with.

    One more thing, where did you get this number from 300-600? What's the source?
  5. iSpam

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    Depends on your expectations...
    1) Around 500 players at any time, steadily decreasing
    2) If you just want to play, yes, there are enough people in the 45-55 lvl range. If you want to be competitive ... in time ... you will need more than that.
    3) Some, not nearly NCwest. A ****load of RMT though.
    4) Spambots are dealt with, so at least they don't bother ou much, but it doesn't mitigate RMT one bit.
    5) Innova completely ignores the server, except banning bots and throwing, err, questionable events.
    6) Technically: Innova is legally bound to keep the server running or return paid subscription, which they wouldn't want to. How long the server will be playable as MMO is another matter and estimates vary anywhere between 5 years and 2 months
    7) Yes. I won't name any, but there are some.
    Jun 18, 2016
    There is a L2 site that gathers online numbers and various other stats from several servers.
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