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Tank lf cp

Discussion in 'Archive' started by turnON, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. turnON

    turnON User

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    Hi guys ,

    Looking for a people cp who are motivated and know game mechanics and aiming on top content of the game best archers/mele mix
    Who i'm?

    Playing l2 from 2005 you can see my movies in link above youtube
    Teon 2005 - 2011 red sky , silenthorrors
    Core 2011- 2014 heartbreakets, cl

    For more details approach me.

    Im at the moment in full b top set and top b weapon and oe emi ++++++
    Looking for daily fun my time is flexible sometimes 8h sometimex 6h daily
    - language czech , slovak , english speaking party arround lvl 55-60 +

    For more info pm in game TernON or directly on forum.
    Looking for simillar people with experience
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.