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Revolutionary wapon

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем QuickThrill, 12 сен 2012.

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  1. QuickThrill

    QuickThrill User

    hello i wanna ask u gm's how u block characters for this gold 7 days?
    i was farm my character nick quickthrill in forest of the dead and in 1 moment my account was blocked. why was blocked? - because i was have bow in inventory!!!!! i was no use this staff! i was use acumen blunt so i was get block for what? if u block ppl because they have this item in inventory goodluck - nobody will stay here. check my logs camon i was made 4 levels this day my dark elf future aore healer. i m new on this char, i was make character yesterday cuz i wanna have aore healer and i was buy bow yesterday!!! to check what is it?- i was use it 2 times because char is so strong that he pown mobs easly = heal ( 2 strong power atack skills + 1 debuff) i no need bow.
    how should be profesional???? if make bad:
    1.maybe first u will respown close my character show as gm - i think it is professional action and show me bow in my heands not in inventory ------>it was in inventory men.
    2.second - dont you think all can write petition and tell he use bow - i can go my main char and spam about many newbie ppl about bug - if u dont come administrator char u are not reliable for me and for many others.
    i every week post from main about new adena selers bots - because this is bad! very bad! how u look in my eyes now??? it seems i can write to you and sey bujin, estemy, dealerdamage, nickmage dunno and many others selin adena and u will block they before u will check it. agein 0 profesionall!!!
    3. i think russians programists are best in all world so how is passible that in game exist dangerous npcs with free items? and what hapening - u ban new player - what hapen for what omg

    i was repeat for your email - technical suport we will see this kind of help is good, profesionall etc.

    futore aeore :((((((((

    and other ppl write what do u think? this is profesional action or not?
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 12 сен 2012
  2. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

    dear quickthrill,

    discussing ingame/forum bans/infractions on the forum boards is not perimtted.

    if you wish to appeal then you can do so via support

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