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Solutions for GameGuard & no buttons Play/Install/Update issues.

Тема в разделе "Instructions", создана пользователем drezyna, 6 дек 2011.

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  1. drezyna

    drezyna User

    gameguard issue.

    i managed to finally start the pts. if someone has a problem with gameguard for me it helped:

    * adding to the exceptions in the firewall (i have eset smart security 5) folders: system and frost, and also from each folders, files: frostupdater.exe, lineageii.exe from frost and l2.exe, l2.bin from system. it does not matter whether you have the firewall disabled or enabled, you need to add them .*


    uploaded with imageshack.us

    it's already at 99% should work, but if it still does not, then:

    * disabling dep completely in the system: you start cmd (as admin) and enter the
    then restart your pc .*

    * if your security package has option like "detection of modification applications" there is also a need to add files to the exceptions, more in the picture .*


    uploaded with imageshack.us

    in my case, all of this helped me to start frost finally update itself. if someone wants i can put on some server my folders with system and frost.

    buttons issue.

    i discovered that the lack of buttons on the page can also be caused by .. move / delete / generally any action with shortcuts 4game. when do you have a folder with shortcuts in the start -> all programs -> etc.. don't move/touch/delete them at all!
    i did it and the consequences were painful - i left only shortcut from app which stays in tray, i removed the rest of them, and what? no play button.
    reinstalling -> everything works again.

    i hope this solutions helps!

    1. configuring antivirus (adding to the exceptions the game folder).
    2. run internet explorer --> service -> internet properties -> connections -> setting up a network --> remove all the checkboxes.
    3. delete a folder frost from the root folder of the game.
    4. delete files frostupdater.dll, gameshielddll.dll, s_info.ini, gameguard.des from folder system.
    5. if the folder with the game is the gameguard folder, delete it.
    6. disable the parental control in antivirus.
    7. perform a full scan of the client.
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  2. Eska

    Eska User


    thank you for this guide. ill stick this thread and close it, hope it will solve other people problems.

    best regards,
  3. Radix

    Radix Innova Group

    drezyn, nice work, thanks!
    some fix (if you want ofcourse):
    l2.bin is not used
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