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Solutions for GameGuard & no buttons Play/Install/Update issues.

Discussion in 'Instructions' started by drezyna, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. drezyna

    drezyna User

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    gameguard issue.

    i managed to finally start the pts. if someone has a problem with gameguard for me it helped:

    * adding to the exceptions in the firewall (i have eset smart security 5) folders: system and frost, and also from each folders, files: frostupdater.exe, lineageii.exe from frost and l2.exe, l2.bin from system. it does not matter whether you have the firewall disabled or enabled, you need to add them .*


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    it's already at 99% should work, but if it still does not, then:

    * disabling dep completely in the system: you start cmd (as admin) and enter the
    then restart your pc .*

    * if your security package has option like "detection of modification applications" there is also a need to add files to the exceptions, more in the picture .*


    uploaded with imageshack.us

    in my case, all of this helped me to start frost finally update itself. if someone wants i can put on some server my folders with system and frost.

    buttons issue.

    i discovered that the lack of buttons on the page can also be caused by .. move / delete / generally any action with shortcuts 4game. when do you have a folder with shortcuts in the start -> all programs -> etc.. don't move/touch/delete them at all!
    i did it and the consequences were painful - i left only shortcut from app which stays in tray, i removed the rest of them, and what? no play button.
    reinstalling -> everything works again.

    i hope this solutions helps!

    1. configuring antivirus (adding to the exceptions the game folder).
    2. run internet explorer --> service -> internet properties -> connections -> setting up a network --> remove all the checkboxes.
    3. delete a folder frost from the root folder of the game.
    4. delete files frostupdater.dll, gameshielddll.dll, s_info.ini, gameguard.des from folder system.
    5. if the folder with the game is the gameguard folder, delete it.
    6. disable the parental control in antivirus.
    7. perform a full scan of the client.
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  2. Eska

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    thank you for this guide. ill stick this thread and close it, hope it will solve other people problems.

    best regards,
  3. Radix

    Radix Innova Group

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    drezyn, nice work, thanks!
    some fix (if you want ofcourse):
    l2.bin is not used
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