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Christmas event

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Cheers, 17 дек 2012.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User

    snowmen gone wild


    chilly september and the cold winds that it had brought made it clear that winter would be severe this year. the memory of cunning snowmen that tried to steal christmas last year still lingered on in people's minds. the creatures turned out to be smarter and more cruel than one could assume.
    but the memory of last year put people on guard this time. it is december, holiday time, and the land is covered with a thick blanket of snow. this year people will put up a fight and won't back down so easily. to resist the snowmen assault people are gathering in troops, with the readiness to charge against the holiday-stealers on 18th december, for this is the day when the snowy menace will come down upon aden.
    2 weeks should suffice to fight off the enemy.
    santa girl, who provided all this information to the people, will be generous with those who help to save christmas!

    snowmen will be attacking from 18th december till 1st january.
    18th till 25th december - event items' drop period.
    25th december till 1st january - event items do not drop anymore.
    after the enemy is battled off, santa girl will travel home and all unused holiday red socks will disappear into thin air.

    what will happen:
    1. players unite in order to find the christmas tree decorations. collected decoration items (globes and garlands) should be given to santa girl to finish adorning the trees.
    2. santa girl hangs decorations on the tree that casts a powerful buff on players.
    3. santa girl also gives players santa girl's red stockings for the collected decorations. players also can receive santa girl's red stockings when hunting mobs (santa girl's gift box and santa girl's golden gift box can also be obtained).
    4. event goes in 5 stages. it all starts from stage 5 and goes in cycle (5 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5).

    stage 1: bring 375 garland and globe ornaments to santa girl
    stage 2: bring 750 garland and globe ornaments to santa girl
    stage 3: bring 1500 garland and globe ornaments to santa girl
    stage 4: bring 3000 garland and globe ornaments to santa girl
    stage 5: lasts 2 hours, then returns to stage 1

    holiday treesanta girlsnow man grouchtalking islandtalking islandtalking islandrunerunegludioadenadengoddardancient city of arcanancient city of arcanschuttgartgirangiranorenfantasy islefantasy isleheine

    various holiday tree decorations (event items) can be obtained:
    [​IMG] - globe ornament through hunting mobs.
    [​IMG] - garland ornament through killing snow man grouch.
    [​IMG] - santa girl's red stockings can be obtained from santa girl.
    [​IMG] - santa girl's gift box or santa girl's golden gift box is obtained from red stockings.

    [​IMG] santa girl's gift box includes:
    [​IMG] - crystal a/s/r-grade
    [​IMG] - gemstone a/s/r-grade
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll of escape
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll of resurrection
    [​IMG] fire/water/wind/earth/holy/dark stone
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant armor r-grade
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant weapon r-grade
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll: enchant armor (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - beast soulshot pack
    [​IMG] - beast spiritshot pack
    [​IMG] - aden homemade cookie
    [​IMG] - santa girl's cloak
    [​IMG] - high-grade life stone (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - high-grade life stone (r95-grade)
    [​IMG] - high-grade life stone (r99-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r95-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r99-grade)
    [​IMG] - mysterious soulshot (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - mysterious spiritshot (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - santa girl's cloak box
    [​IMG] - santa girl's hat box
    [​IMG] - scroll: pk (low-grade)
    [​IMG] - scroll: reputation (low-grade)

    [​IMG] santa girl's golden gift box includes:
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant weapon r-grade
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant armor r-grade
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - blessed scroll: enchant armor (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant giant's weapon (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - scroll: enchant giant's armor (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r95-grade)
    [​IMG] - top-grade life stone (r99-grade)

    good luck and don't get frozen!​
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