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Experiment 15 Enchanting weapons to +20

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 19 дек 2012.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [item modification]

    it was a sunny clear day. yumi was in an extremely good mood today. why? today she was going to the annual weaponry christmas fair! weapons of all sorts would be exhibited there: bows, swords, spears, cross-bows, and what not. also she was going to meet some friends of hers there so that was a plus too.

    2 hours later yumi entered the great town of schuttgart and she was overwhelmed by what she saw. rows and rows of blacksmiths and warriors and mages were stretching in front of her. the crowd that arrived to the fair was immense. yumi, without thinking twice, dived right into the midst of it.

    she glanced to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right - so many gorgeously crafted weapons! she smiled and laughed with excitement.

    someone tapped her on the shoulder.

    'oi, you, little genius!' a cheery voice called her.

    yumi turned and saw two of her dwarf-friends. she screamed happily and gave them a strangling hug.

    'valakas's breath, i forgot how tender you are,' said one of them massaging his neck that had just suffered yumi's embrace.

    'wanna see somethin' great?' asked the other one, grabbed yumi by the hand and tugged her after him.

    they elbowed their way through the dense crowd and she saw it. in front of her own eyes there lay the most heavily enchanted thrower yumi had ever laid eyes upon.

    'impressive, ain't it?' asked one of the dwarves.

    awestruck, yumi couldn't squeeze out a word...

    there’s a myth that says that +19 is the maximum level of enchantment. i wanted to see if that’s true.

    purpose: to see if it is possible to enchant a weapon from +19 to +20.

    equipment: [​IMG] amaranthine thrower, [​IMG] scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade).

    test: to try to enchant 100 [​IMG] amaranthine throwers from +19 to +20, analyze the results.

    conclusion: out of 100 bows, 21 were successfully enchanted to +20. this means that there is a chance to obtain a +20 weapon. this chance is approximately 20%.

  2. Norekien

    Norekien User

  3. Nyweris

    Nyweris User

    it is 20% chance to go 19>20, not 1>20... as 1>20 would be like 0.01% imho :d
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