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Experiment 17 MEN and Mental Resistance

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Tully, 26 дек 2012.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [god] [stats]

    it was too much stress lately with a thief breaking into his citadel and running away eventually. things seemed a bit rocky. and it was christmas time after all.

    for the holidays tully decided to treat himself to something he enjoyed - violence and gambling! not that he was a bad dwarf, he simply had his own... errr, habits, and, frankly, he didn't need anyone's approval on that.

    so, he resolved to go to the christmas fights festival.

    good seats, loads of beer and a good spectacle - what else can one wish for?

    the show was carrying on, with fighters appearing in the centre of the arena and battling each other till one of them won.

    there were an aeore healer and a yul archer now in the spotlight of the crowd's attention. the healer was rather impressive casting debuffs with an admirable speed. but it should be said that the archer was doing a great job successfully resisting those.

    tully was so absorbed in the fight that he spilled some beer on himself. having sworn quite loudly, he quickly raised his eyes back to the fighting pair.

    hm, curious. curious.

    purpose: reveal the extent to which resistance to mental debuffs is affected by men.

    test conditions: the [​IMG] dark backfire debuff land rate is tested for different target’s men values.

    character: level 99 human aeore healer

    equipment: [​IMG] amaranthine retributer acumen +3 , [​IMG] robe eternal set (magic-type) +3. soulshots are not used.

    target: the debuff is landed on a level 99 dark elf yul archer

    target's equipment: [​IMG] light armor eternal set (enchant type) +3, [​IMG] eternal jewelry set +3.

    both characters are unbuffed. i have carried out three series of experiments with 1000 debuff uses in each; in the first series the target’s men equals 35 (standard value), then, in the second series, the target’s men is set to 0 and, finally, in the third series the experiment is done with the target having 200 men (the characteristics are set via a gm command).


    target with 0 men: out of 1000 attempts, 86 failed, land rate: ~91.4%
    target with 35 men: out of 1000 attempts, 97 failed, land rate: ~90.3%
    target with 200 men: out of 1000 attempts, 205 failed, land rate: ~79.5%

    conclusion: although resistance to mental debuffs depends on men, the stat is not the decisive factor for the land rate – the target’s buffs and epic jewelry are also to be taken into account.
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