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Experiment 18 Liberating the Spirits

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 26 дек 2012.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [quests and drop]

    yumi was outside in her front yard fidgeting with another set of gadgets that she was working on. it had been a long and busy day for her, because she had to do a lot of fixing today. they were little things but there were so many of them that the whole undertaking turned out to be really time-consuming. but what had to be done had to be done.

    yumi was right in the middle of it when she saw a running figure on the reddish horizon. the figure was black against the setting sun and yumi could not recognise who that was.

    the man was running unsteadily, apparently heading towards her. he tumbled as he ran, his feet twisting. he was clutching something in his left hand.

    'hey, are you alright?' asked yumi loudly, standing up.

    the man was breathing heavily, his face smudged with blood and sweat. he almost reached yumi's yard but lost the remaining energy and collapsed, unconscious.

    yumi ran up to him and knelt. he was alive but extremely exhausted. his left hand that was clutching something now lay open and in it, yumi recognised, was the proof of survival.

    'what's going on here?' said yumi to herself, frowning.



    1. to find out the chance of obtaining the [​IMG] proof of survival quest item of the liberating the spirits quest in the glory days update.
    2. to establish the chance with which scaldisect the furious spawns if one has this item in their inventory.

    test 1

    in my preliminary test, i summoned and killed bunches of nagdu the deformed merman (100 of them each time). i noticed that on average you get 1 proof of survival from 100 monsters. sometimes, two bunches were needed to get one item; in other cases, two items were obtained from the same bunch, but on average, the number of items obtained was equal to the number of bunches i summoned. that is, the preliminary test makes it clear that the chance of getting the item is about 1%.


    to make the result more precise, i decided to carry out a more detailed test and started summoning bunches of 10 monsters. the results did not change significantly. since the chance of obtaining the item is rather low, i was getting them quite randomly: sometimes i was lucky to get the item while killing the first ten mobs, sometimes i had to kill two hundred monsters.

    result: i got 24 items from 2,000 monsters, that is, the chance of getting the item was 1.2%, or 1 item per 83 mobs.


    test 2

    in my second test i noted down how many mobs i had to kill while possessing the proof of survival so that scaldisect the furious appeared. as it was the case in the first test, when i was testing the chance of obtaining proof of survival, the preliminary result was apparent at the stage when i was killing bunches of 100 mobs: the monster appeared once i had killed 1/2 or 1/3 of the bunch.

    a more detailed test with bunches of 10 monsters followed. just like the preliminary one, the more detailed test revealed that the chance of summoning the monster with a proof is higher than that of obtaining the proof of survival itself.

    result: i needed to kill 572 monsters in order to summon one scaldisect the furious for each of the 24 items i had. that is, the monster in question spawned with a chance of 4.2%.

    i would like to highlight once again the fact that all the tests were done in the glory days version of the game.
  2. xpycbg

    xpycbg User

    ty for the usefull experiment
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