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Experiment 21 Drop rate depending on mob color

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Tully, 16 янв 2013.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [god] [quests and drop]

    sometimes even experiments may become boring. tully's back ached from being crooked over the devices he was producing and modifying all the time. he needed to shake the stress off and stretch his stiffened limbs. and what could be better than good ol' mob hunting? pretty much nothing.

    tully opened his armour cupboard: things inside were covered in a thick layer of dust.

    he ripped everything out with a loud clatter. he pulled the things on and immediately felt different. his hands were longing to hold a heavy axe once again.

    tully stepped out of steel citadel (for the first time in a long while) and felt somewhat... exposed. he was used to the confined spaces of his citadel but now he was out there... out here.

    whatever the feelings, tully headed towards one of his favourite hunting locations in the old days. half an hour later he saw them - lots and lots of foundry foreman assistants swarmed right before his eyes. he tightened the grip on the axe and with a fierce war cry dashed into the crowd of the creatures.


    purpose: to reveal the drop rate depending on mob name color.

    test: i carried out a series of tests, killing 1,000 foundry foreman assistants (level 83 mob) in each test. the drop rate was assessed by calculating [​IMG] ancient tomes of the demon the monsters dropped. it is convenient to rely on the number of these items dropped, since only one ancient tome of the demon is dropped at a time, and their drop rate is rather high. this makes it quite easy to trace changes in the drop rate.

    nb: the drop rate of ancient tome of the demon is not 100%! so, in my test i am analyzing the difference in the drop rate.


    i killed 1,000 monsters with a character of each of the following levels: 72, 79, 80, 83, 85, 86, 94. each time, the color of the monsters' name was different for me. i also killed 1,000 mobs while being level 1 and 99. as well as noting the changes in the drop rate, i recorded the amount of xp received for killing a foundry foreman assistant for each level.

    here are the results of my test:

    lvl color drop xp 1red790 72red800 79pink*78868817680yellow78568817683white79668817685green80568817686light blue**63466576694dark blue8 99dark blue12 
    *yumi thinks it's pale red
    **yumi thinks it's light purple


    the amount of drop received from red (regardless of the difference in level), pink, yellow, white and green mobs is practically the same (around 80% of the mobs dropped items).

    pink, yellow, white and green mobs give equal and biggest amounts of xp.

    one gets about 20% less drop and 3% less xp from light blue mobs as compared to higher level mobs (except for red mobs, which give no xp).

    when killing dark blue mobs, one only gets about 1% of the drop and no xp.
  2. Flaron

    Flaron User


    and the next question is: the drop rate is depending on the character's vitality, or not? better chance with vitality?
  3. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

    please submit your requests to the request thread here

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