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Experiment 22 Comparing S- and R-grade Weapon Enchantment Success Rate

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 16 янв 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [item modification]

    while the wounded man stayed at yumi's till his recovery she learned a thing or two from him about weaponry and enchanting. he kindly allowed her to examine his sword and told her what he knew about enchantments. it was not much, to tell the truth, but now and then he would come up with some bizarre and sometimes seemingly ridiculous "facts" about enchanting, which made yumi want to test it immediately. more than that, last time what the man had said about weapon type proved to be true! from that moment on, she paid more attention to what he was saying, no matter plausible or not so much.

    one week later he was good enough to go home. he said he needed to get home to his wife and children. he thanked yumi many times and invited her to visit them whenever she could, for she saved his life. she thanked him in return for all the interesting things he had told her about the enchantment lore, although he could not quite understand what was so innovative that he had said.

    and so they parted, as friends, promising to keep in touch. but before the man left, he said one more thing that stuck in yumi's mind:

    'by the way, you also might want to try enchanting different grades for comparison. just saying,' he winked at her and walked out of the laboratory and along the road.

    with the introduction of r-grade weapons in the game in goddess of destruction a myth emerged which said r-grade weapons have a lower chance of successful enchantment than s-grade and lower grade weapons. the purpose of this experiment is to see whether the myth holds true.

    in one of my previous experiments i enchanted r-grade physical type weapons (the relogin myth) and magic type weapons (weapon’s type and enchantment success rate). so i’ll use the results for this experiment.

    for this test i will enchant s-grade weapons: 1000 [​IMG] draconic bows and 1000 [​IMG] arcana maces, and write down the results into the tables and diagrams that contain the results for r-grade weapons from the previous experiments.

    physical type weapons


    here are the results for [​IMG] draconic bow and [​IMG] amaranthine thrower:

    here is the same data in a diagram:


    the table below shows the enchantment success rate for both weapons for each stage:

    stages-grader-grade+3 - +469.5%52.5%+4 - +569.2%50.6%+5 - +665.1%54.5%+6 - +774.8%31.7%+7 - +881.6%32.6%+8 - +977.6%26.6%+9 - +1072.4%50%
    *note: i managed to enchant some s-grade bows to more than +10 (5 of them to +16) but since there is nothing we could compare such overenchantment to, i have decided not to use these figures in my comparative test.

    magic type weapons


    you can see the enchantment results for [​IMG] arcana mace and [​IMG] blessed amaranthine retributer below:

    and here is the diagram showing results for both weapons:


    the table below shows enchantment success rates for each stage:

    stages-grader-grade+3 - +441.6%24.4%+4 - +539.6%24.5%+5 - +633.9%30%+6 - +730.3%11.1%
    *note: as with the s-grade bows, i managed to enchant some of the magic s-grade weapons up to +10, but since i don’t have any comparable results for r-grade magic type weapons, i don’t use them for the test.


    the experiment has shown that the myth is true: both magic and physical type s-grade weapons turn out to be more enchantable than r-grade weapons.
  2. Obsess

    Obsess User

    sadly this is also one of the reasons the game is less fun now. over-enchanting weapons was a very fun and cool way to enjoy lineage. now it's almost imposible to get an r grade weapon to +10 without 100% scrolls
  3. Alarion

    Alarion User

    ohh it is. join ncwest with muchos $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and you will get even +15 : d
  4. escalibran

    escalibran User

    oeing mage weapons never was fun.
    i'm happy this experiment confirms that old "myth", for s grade etc.
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