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Experiment 24 The chances of obtaining items from a Pendant Pack

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Tully, 23 янв 2013.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [god] [chests]

    tully marched along the dark cold corridor (as most of the corridors in steel citadel were that way) heading towards one of the chambers. he carried a torch in his hand that made his shadow dance on the walls.

    tully approached the door, fished out the key out of his deep pocket and unlocked the door. it creaked, as tully pushed it, echoing loudly in the stillness of the citadel. the carpet on the floor muffled tully's steps as he crossed the chamber to the furthest wall where a large cabinet stood. he reached out to open it but the door wouldn't move. it was stuck. tully put a torch beside and applied both hands on the door and pulled with an effort. the door of the cabinet burst open and a torrent of pendant packs buried tully.

    he sprung up from under the avalanche of the packs and looked at them.

    'trasken's tentacle!'

    momentary confusion faded away quite quickly, replaced with curiosity, as tully started opening the packs one by one.

    purpose: to see what one gets from a pendant pack, and with what chances.

    test: open 1,000 pendant packs that were obtained from treasure chests.

    upon opening 1,000 pendant packs the following results were obtained:

    [​IMG]pendant pack1,000100%[​IMG] str pendant888.8%[​IMG] dex pendant10410.4[​IMG] con pendant888.8%[​IMG] int pendant11211.2%[​IMG] wit pendant11211.2[​IMG] men pendant12812.8%[​IMG] p.def pendant484.8%[​IMG] m.def pendant646.4%[​IMG] p.atk pendant727.2%[​IMG] m.atk pendant323.2%[​IMG] accuracy pendant 72 7.2% [​IMG] evasion pendant40 4%[​IMG] critical damage pendant16 1.6% [​IMG]critical rate pendant 24 2.4%


    conclusion: upon opening a pendant pack, the chance of getting a pendant increasing one of the character's stats is 63%. the chances of obtaining a m.atk, crit.dmg and crit.rate pendant are the lowest.
  2. Lootus

    Lootus User

    has the critical rate pendant been removed or is it something that ncsoft only has?

    i see only critical damage version but not the rate.
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