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Sub class/dual class skils

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Faust, 4 фев 2013.

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  1. Faust

    Faust User

    hi to all!
    i need some opinions in this problem coz is complicating.
    now i have the time and proper lvl to think about subclass skils and dual class skils but allways we have some problems.

    so i will start with dual class skills
    acording with https://4gameforum.com/showthread.php?t=14620 i understand they recomand to us just 5 skils from 20 :eek:. yes are 20 dual class skils http://l2wiki.com/dualclass
    so the question is what do you think is better for a tank or if you tested something from the dual class skils?
    what do you recomand?

    subclass skils
    at subclass skils is more easy. acording with http://l2wiki.com/subclasses are 6 subclass skils and the values are just at lvl 1.
    what do you recomand to use and if you test it some of them?
  2. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Moderator

    about sub class skills, i recommend you getting 4 levels of "p. def./m. def. increase" as tank and since you have a dual class heal, it will benefit you.

    for the others skills, i took "p. atk./m. atk. increase" and "atk. spd./casting spd. increase" to get better damage output. i didn't took "critical rate increase" because tank has too low critical rate and critical is a random damage output factor :p.

    however, you can maybe switch one of those two skills with "p. evasion/ m. evasion increase" to increase slighty your chance to avoid attacks/debuffs. "p. accuracy/ m. accuracy increase" seems very useless, you don't miss so often ...

    if you want skills that synergize with your dual class healer, i think that "atk. spd./casting spd. increase" is useless since you can get easily max casting speed.

    about dual class skills, some are situational. it depends what are your goals : oly, pve, pulling, big scale pvp, small scale pvp, dealing damage as most as possible, surviving as most as possible, etc ... ?

    i took 2 levels of "p. def./m. def. increase" and plan to try "light of protection " when my dual class will get the proper level. as for the last skill, i'm planning to take "max hp increase" or "p. def./m. def. increase". i'm waiting lindvior update to be sure which one i will take :d.
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