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LordOfDragons Clan Recruitment OPEN!

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем ToNySkyNet, 4 фев 2013.

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  1. ToNySkyNet

    ToNySkyNet User

    about us:
    actually we are international clan whit majority italian players. the language used in chat clan or our teamspeak3 server is english.
    we are working for do our clan a good clan and for this we are looking for new member for creare new cp for do all what we need at best!

    clan level: 9
    clan skills level: 2-3
    castle: none
    clan hall: coming soon
    active clan skills: coming soon
    ally: coming soon
    private ts3 server: available
    private forum: available

    our clan has about 8 years of experience on lineage2 and currently playing on core server​

    we currently recruit​

    accademy: lvl 1-76
    active solo player: 85+
    active cp: 85+

    1. people using brain. we use a system organize clan that requires you to pay attention and be active in raids to get your drops and any help from clan. you help clan, clan help you.
    2. people who use our servers teamspeak 3 for communicate with the rest of the clan and know each other better.
    3. people speak english or italian
    4. only mature people. we don't need kids or something like that
    5. people that understand the meaning of the following word; respect, strength, honor. because when you join us, you join a new family

    if you wanna join us you can contact in game the following member:
    nemesys, tonyskynet, tidus92, zyriel, devilalex, wane

    in alternative, you can contact us using the following module:
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 4 фев 2013
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