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Sweet Flavor of Love

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Cheers, 11 фев 2013.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User


    14th february, aka valentine's day, is going to be marked by an event called "sweet flavor of love".
    every participant of this event, that will kick off on 12th february, will find in their inventory a box with 2 candies. depending on the gender of the character the candies will be either blue (for gents) or red (for ladies).
    don't worry, the sweets will not corrode your teeth, they will "only" increase your xp and sp by 25%. and, wait for it, it gets even better than that. if you've got candies of different colours, your xp and sp will fly up by 50%! however, no matter how many differently-coloured candies you have, the bonus is 50% maximum (that is, having, say, 2 blue candies and 2 red ones will not give your xp and sp more than a 50% boost).

    we would like to wish a happy valentine's day to everyone! show the special person in your life how much you love, appreciate and care about them. spend this day together and let the rest of the world wait.
    have a wonderful 14th february!

    how it works
    1. event will run from 12th to 19th february.
    2. on 12th february all male characters will be gifted with 2 nom nom candy (at their warehouse), while female characters will get 2 yum yum candy.
    3. candies will be given to the highest-level character on the account.
    4. during the maintenance on 19th february all candies will be deleted.
    5. candies can be exchanged or sent via mail but cannot be discarded, destroyed, sold.
    6. candies can be exchanged via dimensional merchant, put in the private warehouse, but not in the clan warehouse.
    7. candies work in the same way runes of xp work: candies have the effect while they're in the inventory.
    8. xp and sp bonuses from candies adds to other bonuses: rune of xp, nevitt's hourglass, mentor's guidance, mentee's appreciation, replacement xp bonus, angel cat's blessing, fall of the dragon.
    9. bonuses from differently-coloured candies stack. if you have a yum yum candy and a nom nom candy then you have 25%+25%=50% xp and sp bonus.
    10. bonuses have a limit of 50% and do not depend on the number of candies. if you've got 2 nom nom and 2 yum yum candies, your bonus still will not exceed 50%.

    you can discuss the event here.
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