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Tournament Rules

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Cheers, 15 фев 2013.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User

    lineage 2 tournament rules

    amc group llc under the sponsorship of innova co. s.à  r.l. organizes an online tournament on mmorpg «lineage 2» (hereinafter referred to as the “tournamentâ€) upon the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “rulesâ€):

    “organizer†means amc group, limited liability company, duly organized and validly existing under the laws of the russian federation, with its principal place of business at: 195220, st. petersburg, grazdanskiy prospect, 41. contacts: mightyb@amchampionship.ru
    “sponsorâ€/“innova†means innova co. s.à  r.l, a company, duly organized and validly existing under the laws of the grand duchy of luxembourg, with its principal place of business at 16 avenue pasteur l2310, luxembourg.
    “game†means the online game “lineage ii†available through the internet on the web-site eu.4game.com/lineage2/. innova holds an exclusive license over the game in the territory.
    “territory†means the territory of albania, andorra, austria, belgium, bosnia and herzegovina, bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, estonia, finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, ireland, italy, latvia, liechtenstein, lithuania, luxembourg, republic of macedonia, malta, monaco, montenegro, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, romania, san marino, serbia, slovakia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland, turkey, united kingdom, vatican city.
    “player†means a registered user of the game, who has accepted the rules and registered according to clause 2.1. of the rules.
    “party†means an in-game group consisting of the in-game characters of the registered users of the game upon the game rules and user agreement
    “battle tournament†means the in-game system used for conducting 7 vs 7 battles.
    “prize†(“prizesâ€) means a prize to be awarded to the winner (winners) of the tournament and specified in clause 1.6. of the rules.
    “pvp†means "player vs player" that is a battle between game players.
    “battle†means one pvp between teams.
    “match†means the meeting of two teams in the league table.
    “tournament clan†means a clan created expressly for participating in the tournament.
    “team†means a party taking part in the tournament.
    “participant/member†means a member of a team taking part in the tournament.
    “contact member†is a team participant indicated by the team as a contact person by registration in the tournament. contact member specifies their forum nickname and e-mail to be contacted by the organizer.
    “pl†means “party leaderâ€: the leader of a team.
    “skills†means physical and magical skills of an in-game character necessary for combat.
    “buff†means enhancing a player's performance by skills .
    “oop buff†means "out of party buff": buff received from a third party player who is not a member of the team.
    “location†means here: the place where the matches are held.
    “summoning†means teleporting a player/players from town or other location.
    “operator†means a person responsible for recording all the three battles in each of the team's matches. the operator prepares the video for uploading and uploads it to legal file sharing websites. the operator should be experienced in using video recording and compression programs and have a broadband internet connection in order to upload the recorded materials promptly.
    “technical substitution†means the substitution of a player who is unable to enter the game due to technical difficulties (e.g. disconnections, critical errors, low connection speed). a character can only be substituted for another character of the same class.
    “tactical substitution†means the substitution of one or more team members in order to gain tactical advantage over the opponent.
    “pk†is a player whose character's reputation level is negative».
    “waiting room†means the in-game location all new characters are teleported to on the tournament server, mentioned in clause 1.2. of the rules.
    “smurf†means a supplementary account/character created by a user in order to take part in the tournament for different teams.

    1. tournament location and time. prizes.
    1.1. the participation in the tournament is open and free.
    1.2. the tournament is held on the game official server. the access to the game is available on the web-page https://eu.4game.com/lineage2/play/.
    1.3. the tournament format: 7 vs 7.
    1.4. terms of the tournament.
    tournament application period : 16.02.2013 00.00 a.m.– 27.02.2013 11.59 p.m. (gmt+0)
    tournament start date: 4.03.2013
    tournament period: 4.03.2013 – 15.03.2013
    match schedule: mon-tue-wed 5.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. (gmt +0)
    supplementary tournament days: thursday 5.00 – 8.00 p.m. , sunday 2.00 – 5.00 p.m (gmt +0)
    1.5. equal equipment will be given to all participants by the organizer.
    admission contribution: each team is to donate 500kk adena.
    1.6. prize: all members of the winning team get 2gb zotac geforce gtx 660 ti video cards.
    the teams that rank second and third receive adena from the prize fund made up from the participants' admission contributions.
    the organizer determines the characteristics, model, cash value of prize (prizes) and other parameters of the prize (prizes) at their own discretion.
    1.7. all the necessary information concerning the tournament, including the tournament's results, is posted on the forum: https://4gameforum.com/ in the battle tournament section. the teams are to keep up with updates on the forum throughout the tournament. if a team has any questions, they can ask the tournament organizer on the forum.
    1.8. important information concerning the tournament (e.g. locations and schedules, changes to rules) can also be sent to the teams' contact members, chosen by the teams and indicated in the application form. it is the responsibility of a team's contact member to convey the information to their team members.
    1.9 information is either provided to the teams' contact members on the forum or sent to the e-mail address indicated in the team's application form (at the discretion of the organizer).

    2. requirements for participants
    2.1. in order to participate in the tournament a person shall be at least 18 years of age, have a full legal capacity, have their place of residence within the territory, have the necessary and sufficient power for the acquisition and exercise granted rights and be a party of the user agreement in the game.
    2.2. a participant of the tournament is a person who meets the requirements of clause 2.1. hereof and who has carried out the actions specified in clause 3.1 of the present rules.
    2.3. employees of the organizer and sponsor cannot participate in the tournament.
    2.4. each participant of the tournament:
    - shall become familiar with the present rules and conform to the present rules;
    - shall provide reliable information, which corresponds to the facts, in the cases and in the manner specified in the present rules;
    - has the right to abstain from or not to participate in the tournament;
    - if a participant becomes a winner, they shall provide, upon the request of the organizer, the information required to claim a prize;
    - has no right to transfer and/or concede to any third person (or persons) in any manner their rights related to the participation in the tournament;
    - confirms that participation in the tournament and any action under the present rules shall not infringe any third-party rights, including the intellectual property rights and non-property rights of third parties;
    - fully agrees with the conditions of the awarding of the prize.
    2.5. a participant of the tournament acts personally, under their own name, voluntarily and on their own. upon receipt of the prize a winner is responsible for payment of all taxes and other obligatory payments according to the applicable law.
    2.6. participants of the tournament pay on their own all expenses related to the participation in the tournament, including expenses related to telecommunications services, including internet service providers, transport charges and all other expenses that participant/winner of the tournament may have.
    2.7. by participating in the tournament, the participants confirm that they:
    - have read and agreed with the present rules, and will conform to them;
    - clearly understand the terms of the present rules and consequences of their own actions.

    3. registration to the tournament
    3.1. persons who want to participate in the tournament have to take the following actions during the period from 15.02.2013 till 28.02.2013 ;
    - read, understand and consent with the present rules;
    - to register for participation in the tournament, the teams have to send an application to the support: https://support.4game.com by creating a ticket in the “tournament application†category and providing the following information:
    1. team name (same as tournament clan name) and short team name
    2. party leader (nickname of main character on core, class)
    3. team members (nicknames of main characters on core, classes)
    4. contact member (nickname on forum/e-mail)

    - teams may provide additional information by answering the following questions of the application form:
    main clan (the clan on core which the majority of the team members belong to)
    country (european country/countries where the team members come from)
    when was the team formed?
    how many hours a day do you usually play together?
    links to team videos (if any)
    team operator (nickname and contact information)
    brief team history
    other information about the team
    how do you want to be introduced to the spectators?
    why did you decide to participate in the tournament?
    what is your expected outcome?
    who or what is your main rival?
    what is your main advantage?

    4. procedure of the tournament
    4.1. by participating in the tournament, the participants confirm that they fully agree with these rules, and their participation in the tournament does not violate the present rules;
    4.2. a winner (winners) is determined on the basis of 4.9.1 – 4.9.6. (scoring). the team that has defeated all its opponents in the league table is considered the winner of the tournament.
    4.3. team composition
    4.3.1 each team should submit an application to the support. the characters of a team should be in a party for the duration of each battle and in one clan during the period of the tournament.
    4.3.2. team composition restrictions:
    â· no more than 7 main team members and 2 reserve team members.
    â· one wynn summoner maximum.
    â· one sigel knight maximum.
    â· two aeore healers maximum.
    4.4. preparation for battle
    4.4.1 each player can only play for one team with their game character.
    4.4.2 teams must arrive at the location in full readiness for pvp, which implies that all the necessary skills are to be prepared for use.
    4.4.3 by the start of the battle at least five game characters of a team's declared line-up must be present. the remaining two can be substituted.
    4.4.4. every team must belong to a separate tournament clan. each team creates a tournament clan of their own via the npcs that can be found in the waiting room.
    4.4.5 interaction with any npcs apart from those placed in the waiting room is prohibited at any time on the tournament server.
    4.4.6 the tournament battles are held in different locations. the list of locations is available on the official forum.
    4.4.7 each day's locations are picked randomly and are published alongside other information on the matches.
    4.5. battle
    4.5.1 before a battle starts, teams are given time to land the buffs they need.
    4.5.2 all team members have a right to re-log in after they have been summoned. however, performing a series of re-log-ins in order to receive the “clan advent†buff is forbidden.
    4.5.3 a battle begins after the countdown and the "start" command which appears on players' screens.
    4.5.4. during the tournament, unless the contrary is stated in the present rules, all the normal game rules are applicable, in accordance with the user agreement and violations and penalties.
    4.5.5. during battles characters are allowed:
    • to use items, consumable or not, available from their warehouse, or from npcs located in the waiting room (except for items from the “hero's support boxâ€);
    • to use their class skills, enchanted to +0.
    4.5.6. during battles characters are forbidden:
    • to use any items, consumable or not, received from npcs outside the waiting room;
    • to use items obtained from the “hero's support boxâ€;
    • to use skills enchanted to more than +0;
    • to use any game/program code errors with the intention of gaining advantage over the enemy;
    • to use any third-party software;
    • to attempt to delay the start of a battle;
    • to play for time by running away from the enemy or by other means;
    • to use l2store;
    • to summon characters from a town or another location.
    4.5.7. players are forbidden to enchant the equipment they have received or purchased from npcs at any time.
    4.5.8. healers are forbidden to cast the “emblem of salvation†buff on team members before the start of the battle.
    4.5.9. if a team has questions concerning the battle that has just finished, they can submit a ticket for investigation to the support.
    4.5.10. if a team has spotted forbidden actions on the part of their opponents, the battle is to be carried through to the end. after the battle is finished, the team can submit a ticket for investigation to the support. in accordance with the results of the investigation, a decision will be pronounced.
    4.5.11. players are strongly recommended to make screenshots of a suspected violation or problem so that disputable issues can be resolved more promptly.
    4.5.12. a battle can be replayed at the discretion of the organizer if one or several players in a team were disconnected from the game before the start of the battle.
    4.5.13. a battle can be replayed at the discretion of the organizer if texture errors are discovered in the location.
    4.5.14. a battle is considered lost and completed if all team members have been killed or have left the location.
    4.5.15. the “finish†command that appears on players' screens ends the battle.
    4.5.16. when the battle has finished, teams are to return to the waiting room. if the organizer has not moved a team/player to the waiting room, the latter must give notice to the organizer.
    4.5.17. if a battle continues for more than 20 minutes, the organizer has the right to stop it at any moment.
    4.5.18. if a player/players has been disconnected during pvp, the battle still is to be carried through. the players who have entered the game after the disconnection cannot be invited to their team again, though they can continue the battle off-party.
    4.5.19. before the start of pvp the match organizer asks if both teams are ready. if a team is ready to start the battle, the leader confirms it in the shout/trade chat by typing "+". likewise, the "-" sign means that the team needs more time to get ready.
    4.5.20. the battles begin at 5.00 p.m. gmt +0 on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday and at 2.00 p.m. on sunday, if a supplementary battle takes place. regardless of the match schedule for the evening, all team members are strongly recommended to be present and ready for pvp by this time.
    4.5.21. if battles on one arena last too long, the organizer has a right to change the location of the next battle planned to be held there.
    4.6. substitutions
    4.6.1 each team may have up to two reserve participants in addition to the main team consisting of 7 players for tactical substitutions.
    4.6.2 all players are recommended to create new accounts for participating in the tournament so that they can carry out technical substitutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    4.6.3 in order to make a technical substitution, a player has to submit their account details to their authorized representative who is to play the necessary amount of battles for them. sharing account information is allowed on the tournament server in order to provide for this rule.
    4.6.4 teams are allowed to form any line-up they wish for each new battle (in compliance with clause 2.1. out of their nine registered members).
    4.6.5 the number of technical substitutions that can be made in each new battle is not limited.
    4.6.6 substitutions are made during breaks between the battles.
    4.6.7 teams are to notify the organizer each time they make a substitution in the game.
    4.6.8 the substitute player should be ready to enter the game at any time and their character should be prepared for the battle.
    4.6.9 tactical substitutions are made in the waiting room. teams are prohibited to carry out tactical substitutions in the location unless they have received a special permission by the match organizer.
    4.6.10 in the course of the tournament, each team has a right to substitute two members of the main team. the substitute player must be of the same class and race as the one substituted. in order to make such substitutions, the team's party leader must contact the organizer in the game.
    4.7. time-outs
    4.7.1 a team has a right to take two 10-minute time-outs each match evening. the same team cannot take both time-outs in succession.
    4.7.2 teams are not given extra time for technical substitutions.
    4.8. recording battles
    4.8.1 a team must have at least one operator in its line-up.
    4.8.2 links to the recorded materials are to be submitted to the tournament organizer on the forum.
    4.8.3 if necessary, the organizer may oblige a team to change their operator.
    4.8.4 the operators are not required to edit the recordings artistically.
    4.8.5 the recording of a battle is to begin simultaneously with the "start" command.
    4.8.6 the recording of a battle is to finish simultaneously with the "finish" command.
    4.8.7. the compressed recordings are to be uploaded to generally accessible file sharing sites.
    4.9. scoring and tournament format
    4.9.1. the tournament comprises two stages: the group stage followed by the knockout stage.
    9.2. three (3) points are awarded for winning a battle.
    4.9.3. the team that loses a battle gets no points.
    4.9.4. if a battle drags on for more than 20 minutes, the game is considered a draw and both teams receive one (1) point.
    4.9.5. if two teams in a group have scored the same number of points, the one that won in their head-to-head battle gets a higher rank. if three teams have scored the same number of points, either a playoff may be appointed or the average number of deaths in a minute may be calculated for the teams in question (at the discretion of the organizer). the team that had fewer deaths per minute gets a higher rank in the group.
    4.9.6. the team that has defeated all its opponents in the league table is considered the winner of the tournament.
    4.9.7. the organizer has a right to alter the tournament format depending on the number of teams.

    5. warnings and disqualifications
    5.1. players/teams are given penalty points for violating the game and/or tournament rules.
    5.2. a player/team receives one (1) penalty point in the following cases:
    • the contact team member does not deliver the information received from the organizer to their fellow team members;
    • the team does not follow the news and updates posted by the organizer;
    • the player acts disrespectfully towards the tournament organizer/sponsor/participants;
    • the player/team impedes carrying out the matches;
    • the team is not ready for pvp at the appointed time;
    • the team starts fighting before the “start†command;
    • the team delays the start of the battle;
    • the team's operator does not perform their duties properly;
    • the player/team re-logs in continuously with the purpose of obtaining the “clan advent†buff.
    5.3. a player/team receives two (2) penalty points in the following cases:
    • the actual team line-up during the battle is different from that declared by the team (9 characters) in terms of nicknames/class;
    • items other than those stipulated by clause 4.5.5 hereof are used;
    • skills are enchanted to values higher than those stipulated by clause 4.5.5. hereof;
    • received or purchased equipment is enchanted;
    • the player/team interacts with npcs outside the waiting room, unless possessing special permission from the organizer.
    • during the battle, the player/team plays for time by running away from the enemy or by other means.
    5.4. a player/team receives three (3) penalty points in the following cases:
    • the player/team uses smurf characters;
    • the player/team uses game/program code errors with the intention of gaining advantage in the battle;
    • the player/team uses third-party software;
    5.5. during the tournament, it is possible for a player/team to receive three (3) penalty points maximum. upon receiving three (3) penalty points, a player/team is disqualified.
    5.6 the organizer reserves the right to accommodate a player/team by not giving them a penalty point (points) and confining themselves to a warning.
    5.7 the decisions pronounced by the organizer are final and therefore not subject to reconsideration.
    5.8. the organizer is entitled to exclude a player from participation in the tournament before the date of announcement of the winners in case of breach of the rules by this participant. if such facts appear after the date of the announcement of the winner, the organizer has the right to annul the results of tournament and claim damages.

    6. miscellaneous
    6.1 in the course of the tournament, changes/amendments may be introduced to the present rules, including by posting the appropriate information on the forum: https://4gameforum.com/ in the battle tournament section as provided by clause 1.7. of this rules.
    6.2 the above-mentioned changes/amendments to the present rules are applicable once published.
    6.3 if two teams in a group have scored the same number of points, the one that won in their head-to-head battle gets a higher rank.
    if three teams have scored the same number of points, either a playoff may be appointed or the average number of deaths in a minute may be calculated for the teams in question (at the discretion of the organizer). the team that had fewer deaths per minute gets a higher rank in the group.
    6.4 the winner/winners is/are announced on the day of the final match.
    6.5. the tournament results will be published on the forum: https://4gameforum.com/ within a week after the tournament is completed.
    the participant agrees that the organizer and/or sponsor may publish on the above-mentioned forum the information about characters, teams and clans concerning the participation in the tournament, including: the name of the game character/name of the team/name of the clan, the scores etc.
    6.6. the prize is not transferable. prizes are not awarded in money and/or other goods and services equivalent and are not subject to return or exchange. the taxes, fees, charges and other payments on the prize, if any provided by law, are the sole responsibility of the individual winners.
    6.7. if battles in the groups continue after 8.00 p.m. (gmt +0), the remaining battles may be postponed until the supplementary tournament day at the organizer's discretion.
    6.8. the organizer will contact the winner via e-mail specified by the winner. the winner shall inform the organizer (innova@inn.eu/mightyb@amchampionship.ru) about their contact details (name, game details, address, age) or by other means of correspondence specified by the organizer within 15 days. the procedure and order of receipt, date, time and place of receipt of the prize, as well as the assessment of the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of all information provided by the participant, is carried out by the organizer independently, at their sole discretion.
    6.9. if the winner refuses the prize, and/or does not comply with the prize awarding process described by organizer, organizer is free to dispose the prize on their own. if the winner does not contact the organizer to receive the prize until 22.03.2013, they are considered refusing the prize.
    6.10. the organizer shall not be liable for failure to deliver the awarded prize if the participant has not reported data and information specified in the present rules, or reported inaccurate/invalid data and information, or refused to accept the awarded prize or has not received the awarded prize in the manner provided by the present rules. all unclaimed prizes are kept by the organizer within the period of time specified in the present rules for awarding the winners.
    6.11. the organizer enters into correspondence, negotiations or other contacts with participants and winners only in the cases expressly provided by the present rules and/or applicable law.
    6.12. in case of any error, misunderstanding, wrong interpretation or any other dispute concerning the whole tournament or any part thereof, and/or the present rules, the decisions of the organizer on such cases are final and without the right of appeal. if any dispute arises, such dispute shall be settled by a competent court of luxembourg under the applicable law of the grand duchy of luxembourg.
  2. Cheers

    Cheers User



    heavy armor set:
    blessed eternal helmet +6 x1
    blessed eternal breastplate +6 x1
    blessed eternal gaiters +6 x1
    blessed eternal gauntlets +6 x1
    blessed eternal boots +6 x1
    blessed eternal shield +6 x1

    robe set:
    blessed eternal circlet +6 x1
    blessed eternal tunic +6 x1
    blessed eternal stockings +6 x1
    blessed eternal gloves +6 x1
    blessed eternal shoes +6 x1
    blessed eternal sigil +6 x1

    light armor set:
    blessed eternal leather helmet +6 x1
    blessed eternal leather armor +6 x1
    blessed eternal leather leggings +6 x1
    blessed eternal leather gloves +6 x1
    blessed eternal leather boots +6 x1

    antharas' earring +6 x1
    blessed valakas' necklace +6 x1
    earth wyrm heart ring +6 x1
    istina's ring +6 x1
    istina's earring +6 x1
    tauti's ring +6 x1

    amaranthine shaper +10 x1
    amaranthine dual dagger +10 x1
    amaranthine cutter +10 x1
    amaranthine buster +10 x1
    amaranthine dualsword +10 x1
    amaranthine slasher +10 x1
    amaranthine thrower +10 x1
    amaranthine shooter +10 x1
    amaranthine avenger +10 x1
    amaranthine caster +10 x1
    amaranthine retributer +10 x1
    amaranthine dual blunt weapon +10 x1
    amaranthine stormer +10 x1
    amaranthine fighter +10 x1
    conversion bound homunkulus' sword +1 x1

    enhanced tauti's bracelet x1
    dawn's bracelet x1

    rabbit ears: str x1
    rabbit ears: dex x1
    cat ears: wit x1
    cat ears: int x1
    raccoon ears: con x1
    raccoon ears: men x1
    romantic chapeau - p. critical rate x1
    romantic chapeau - critical damage x1
    angel circlet - p. def. x1
    angel circlet - m. def. x1
    angel circlet - evasion x1
    demon circlet - p. atk. x1
    demon circlet - m. atk. x1
    demon circlet - accuracy x1
    freya's soul cloak x1

    blessed spiritshot (r-grade) x20,000
    soulshot (r-grade) x30,000
    spirit ore x50,000
    soulstone x20,000
    elixir of blessing x100
    superior elixir of mind (r-grade) x500
    superior elixir of life (r-grade) x500
    superior elixir of cp (r-grade) x500
    infinite orichalcum quiver x1

    lv5 str symbol - legendary dye x30
    lv5 dex symbol - legendary dye x30
    lv5 wit symbol - legendary dye x30
    lv5 int symbol - legendary dye x30
    lv5 con symbol - legendary dye x30
    lv5 men symbol - legendary dye x30

    attribute stones
    wind crystal - super x54
    earth crystal - super x54
    water crystal - super x54
    fire crystal - super x54
    holy crystal - super x54
    dark crystal - super x54

    pvp skill attack top-grade magic ornament seraph belt x1
    pvp defense top-grade magic ornament seraph belt x1
    pvp physical attack top-grade magic ornament seraph belt x1

    green soul crystal (r99-grade) x2
    red soul crystal (r99-grade) x2
    blue soul crystal (r99-grade) x2
    gemstone (r-grade) x670

    talisman - longing x1

    adena x1,000,000,000
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