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Experiment 32 Enchanting Erase Impact (Cost)

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Tully, 20 фев 2013.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [god] [skills]

    'i'm telling you, it should work,' said a human healer.

    'why should it? i heard it actually doesn't,' tully replied.

    'but it's logical that it would. you enchant, you get better chances.'

    'we-e-ell, i wouldn't be so sure about that.'

    'why? it's enchant. enchant is always enchant.'

    'it doesn't always have similar effects.'

    'what? and how do you know that?'

    'oh, believe me, i know a bit more about it than you do, mate.'

    'oh, come on! what is it that you know about enchanting that i don't?'

    tully chuckled.

    'well, good sir, i've at least more experience with that than you do, that's for sure.'

    the healer was at a momentary loss.

    'well, if you haven't noticed, mister know-it-all, i'm the one who actually uses the skill.'

    tully smiled again.

    'alright, sonny, what i suggest we do is we go and test your erase impact right here and right now, and then we'll see you who's right, huh?'

    the healer hesitated for a second.

    'very well. let's do it,' he concluded resolutely.

    purpose: to see if enchanting the [​IMG] erase impact skill (cost) influences its success rate.

    character: lvl 99 aeore healer, human; equipment: [​IMG] amaranthine retributer (empower), [​IMG] robe eternal set (magic-type). the character uses [​IMG] blessed spiritshots: r-grade.

    target: lvl 99 wynn summoner, human; equipment: [​IMG] amaranthine retributer (empower), [​IMG] robe eternal set (magic-type), [​IMG] eternal jewelry set.

    both characters are unbuffed.

    test: the aeore healer uses the [​IMG] erase impact +0 and erase impact +10 cost skill 1,000 times against [​IMG] grim reaper and [​IMG] cute bear.


    [​IMG] erase impact +0 was successfully landed on [​IMG] grim reaper 257 times out of 1,000 (the land rate is ~25.7%).

    [​IMG] erase impact +0 was successfully landed on [​IMG] cute bear 263 times out of 1,000 (the land rate is ~26.3%).

    [​IMG] erase impact +10 cost was successfully landed on [​IMG] grim reaper 266 times out of 1,000 (the land rate is ~26.6%).

    [​IMG] erase impact +10 cost was successfully landed on [​IMG] cute bear 261 times out of 1,000 (the land rate is ~26.1%).

    conclusion: the extent to which [​IMG] erase impact is enchanted does not influence its success rate. neither does the type of summon the skill is landed on.
  2. eleria

    eleria User

    why would enchanting for cost would increase it's land rate ? i wonder !
  3. Alarion

    Alarion User

    because of old updates. for example in h5 fear from mage could be enchanted only for ++time. on the other hand enchanting fear on ++time was increasing also lvl of skill and because of this lvl land rate became better. however seems like this rule is not working anymore because most skills got maximum lvl (98 or 99) and enchanting any of it dosnet increasing lvl of skill.

    also some players who were played long time cardinal knew that "erase" was somehow exception from this rule and doing erase +1 or +30 didnt change anything at all : )

    at least we know this time that debuff is still the same as it was in old version.
  4. Ronove

    Ronove User

    1. in past, higher enchant skills, regardless of enchant options, would land more than non-enchanted skills.
    2. there isn't another enchant option for erase impact. :d

    edit: damn, alarion was first! :d
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