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February has come and gone

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Cheers, 4 мар 2013.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User

    the last winter month by the name of february has come to an end and this is the greatest news! why? well, spring is starting and that entails uplifted spirit, frequent smiles and making plans for the summer, which, let's be honest, is one of the best things to do. and of course it's finally getting warmer. hallelujah, i say! we're full of hopes and expectations, but for now let's have a look back at what the winter of 2013 ended up with.

    paparazzi (all eyes on you)
    paparazzi started in january and has made its way to spring through the whole of february, leaving a trace of celebrities that were photohunted to their last breath... well, it's a bit of a dramatisation, but still. some of them turned out to be less paparazzi-friendly than others but hey, fame can be a burden :) (do you really believe that?). anyway, we shall keep bringing celebrities to the public eye and you get ready to press the heck out of printscrn.

    0703a patch
    a really big thing that arrived on our server after testing and bug-fixing. wasn't that easy, i'll tell you that, but it's on and thank goodness it is. biggest change, it seems, was the come-back of levelling down and everything that results from that, although it shouldn't be as bad as people think it may be. quite a lot of other things were impacted as well, including skills, fortresses, quests and instance zones. but there are even more changes to come with the flying ever closer lindvior, the details on which we hope to spill this month (march).

    sweet flavor of love
    the 12th of february was an "every dentist's nightmare" day because everyone on the server received sweets! blue and red candies (no matrix analogy implied) were given out to everyone, with blue "male" candies being 1.5 times as numerous as red "female" ones. but we think 25-50% xp boost is worth a visit to a tooth doctor.

    core battle tournament
    yep. you heard it. it's here. march is the month when vicious pvp is unleashed upon all of us in the form of the tournament, but the registration was opened in february, so that's why it's in this review. it's kicking off and we are very excited about it! blood, sweat and pvp, that's what we (or, at least, i) expect from it. should be fun for all of us. we will be watching closely the tournament as things develop and until we get to know the name of the mightiest party that beat all the rest. you don't mess with such people.

    valentine's day: weddings and shopping
    allegedly the most romantic holiday of the year was celebrated in three different ways! that's how desperate we are for love.
    we had the already mentioned sweet flavor of love thing happening for a week. but besides that we had a lovely shopping treat that, hopefully, at least somehow helped to express your love to... whoever you wanted to do it to. but the celebration didn't stop there. the final thing thrown in this love fest was what? exactly! the weddings! the all-race, all-gender, all-age, all-everything weddings that, from what it looked like, were quite fun, and even turned into a regular activity. with all that, we literally had more than enough ingame romance to last till the next year :)

    double xp week
    ohh that was proper cool. the moment we announced it, the activity on facebook rocketed! we actually thought +700 'likes' would take quite some time, but, boy, were we wrong. you made it in 5(!) days! i won't deny, i was really happy, dancing around. the figures on the rating charts were quite pleasing as well. and so then it happened, we installed the week of double xp for you to enjoy. and seriously, guys, thank you so much for your activity, you did an absolutely great job!

    l2store new items
    if you ever dreamt of being a shapeshifter, or simply like changing outfits, then this portion of items is for you. appearance stones and extra passes to kartia should be good fun and quite useful in some cases. so unleash your inner shopoholic and shoooooop!

    oh and yes, hello, spring!
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