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Experiment 36 The Avenging Cubic Test

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Tully, 6 мар 2013.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [god] [skills]

    'but seriously, what the valakas is that? how am i supposed to finish him off when i've got all these debuffs on me? how?'

    a wynn summoner was spilling out his emotions to tully, who was mildly interested in what this man had to say. but not that much.

    'i mean, come on, give me a break, i can't fight for everyone, can i? especially when i'm under all this hocus-pokus,' the man said angrily and somewhat hopelessly.

    'and then they say i should do better! what kind of attitude is that?' he went on.

    tully was listening to this rant for way too long. at first it was interesting to hear out an account of a good proper fight, but now it'd turned into whining and if there was one thing in the world tully could not stand, it was whining and moaning that things were unfair and everyone else was guilty apart from the person complaining.

    he gave the summoner an irritated but pitiful look.

    'ok, i'll help ye,' croaked the dwarf getting up and walking to a big cabinet. he opened it and fished out a small object. he held out his hand to the summoner.

    'there you go. that should help a bit.'

    'what's that?'

    'a useful thingy. you should know about it by now. avenging cubic. can come handy.'

    tully gave the summoner a meaningful look and was amused by the confused expression on the summoner's face.

    purpose: calculate the chances of cancelling target’s buffs with the summon avenging cubic skill available for wynn summoners.

    test: two characters – a lvl 99 dwarf iss enchanter and a lvl 99 orc wynn summoner – took part in the experiment. both characters are without equipment.

    the dwarf was under iss buffs: [​IMG]

    the orc was unbuffed. only the summon avenging cubic 8 lvl skill was used.


    the dwarven character attacked the orc automatically [​IMG]. when the orc was in battle state, the cubic was activated. to keep the cubic active, the orc had to have the dwarf targeted. if the orc was always in battle state and had the dwarf targeted, the cubic worked once in 20 seconds. when the cubic worked on the target (the dwarf), two scenarios were possible:

    1. canceling one skill with a certain chance.
    2. landing hold for two seconds with a certain chance.

    three series of tests were done, each of them being carried on the number of successful uses of summon avenging cubic reached 500. in each series, the dwarf had a different amount of buffs. the results are shown in the table below:


    conclusion: the success rate of the summon avering cubic skill is almost equal for hold and canceling buffs. according to the results we obtained, the more buffs on the target, the higher the chance of canceling the target’s skill.
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