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Experiment 38: Skill Mastery Success Rate and STR

Discussion in 'Experiments Archive' started by Yumi, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

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    tags: [god] [skills] [stats]

    this week yumi fell ill and couldn't do much. she spent a lot of time in bed, feeling feverish. lots of tests were getting delayed because of her illness but she was in no working condition at all. too weak, too dizzy, too sick.

    she was spending days reading when her head did not ache that much and she could focus. other than that she just lay in bed, slept, occasionally ate. her friends and cousins came to visit her and cooked for her, for which she was very grateful. she needed to be strong and healthy again, because she hated feeling helpless. stupid, awful feeling.

    she had plenty of time to think about new experiments, though, and that gave her strength.

    the purpose of this test is to to reveal whether there is a strong correlation between success rate for [​IMG]skill mastery and base str.

    character: tyrr warrior lvl 99, human, equipped with [​IMG] eternal leather armor (enchant type) set and [​IMG]amaranthine slasher.

    test: the char attacks an npc with [​IMG]mega strike with str 100 and str 200 (the stats are being altered through gm commands), 1000 attempts for each value. the cases when the cooldown time is being reset are recorded.

    100 str1000 attacks, the cooldown time was reset 9 times, so the success rate is about 0.9%.
    200 str1000 attacks, the cooldown time was reset 42 times, so the success rate is about 4.2%.

    conclusion: there is a certain correlation between character’s base str and [​IMG] skill mastery success rate. but there is a cap for increase in str so one can only increase the success rate for [​IMG] skill mastery up to a certain point. however yul arcchers and othell rogues have such skills as [​IMG] superior critical arrow and [​IMG] superior critical mastery that increase the success rate for [​IMG] skill mastery by 1000% (i.e. by 10), so for these classes the increase in str gives a bigger bonus.
  2. Adele

    Adele User

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    have u done any experiment to make second conclusion about yul archers and othel rogues or it was just made up? :d
    it would be nice to test it with these classes before concluding something.
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  3. DeepBlue

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    any new/related requests should be placed to the requests thread to avoid it being overlooked here.

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