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Recruiting people for AMC official cross-server championship

Discussion in 'Archive' started by TerraBreaK, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. TerraBreaK

    TerraBreaK User

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    i’m currently creating party for this official championship and finding party members to win it.

    class slots
    red: unavailable
    blue: available

    wynn summoner
    othel rouge

    tyrr warrior / yul archer
    iss enchanter
    aeore healer
    feoh wizzard
    siegel knight

    * take into account that independently of the class you are on core you can choose any for the tournament, you only have to be willing and excited about participating/learning new stuff.

    for joining my team you must:

    1) read the rules of the tournament and accept them. read them here.
    2) read the team rules and accept them too, they give comprehensive information about the general process and behavior of the party.
    3) having a decent level of english or spanish.
    4) be willing to aid the party and show availability for all the tournament milestones.

    if you have any doubt or comment or are interested in joining the party. contact me asap by pming me here in the forum or mailing terrabreak in game.

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  2. DeepBlue

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    thread moved to appropriate section.
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