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Experiment 39: Enchantment Bonuses Increase

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 20 мар 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [item modification]

    'holy trasken,' slowly said yumi in her head when she saw a huge pile of weapons in front of her. there was everything, from s-grade to r-grade. all sorts of weapons. and all sorts of enchantments, too.

    the moment yumi saw the heap she immediately regretted she wanted to sort out her unfinished stuff. she didn't even know this room could fit all this. but knowing herself, she thought it was now or never, because if she didn't do it now, she wouldn't do it for the next couple of months either.

    she rolled up her sleeves.

    'well, here we go.'


    in this experiment we shall compare the enchantment bonuses of r-grade weapons of different types (bound/blessed/normal). to do that, we are going to enchant r-grade bows from +0 to +16 and put in a table the changes in p.atk. and m.atk. for each enchantment level. additionally, we are going to enchant an s-grade weapon - draconic bow - to see the difference in bonuses between s-grade and r-grade weapons.

    we enchanted 4 kinds of items:

    1. [​IMG]draconic bow
    2. [​IMG]apocalypse thrower
    3. [​IMG]bound apocalypse thrower
    4. [​IMG]blessed apocalypse thrower

    here are the results of item enchantment from +0 to +16 (p.atk.):

     +0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8db581591601611631651671691711at96397598799910231047107111071143at bound96397598799910231047107111071143at blessed963981999101710531089112511791233 +9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17db731751771791811831851871-at11791227127513231383144315031563-at bound11791227127513231383144315031563-at blessed12871359143115031593168317731863-
    conclusion: taking a close look at the enchantment results, we will see that enchanting an s-grade bow gives a certain bonus while enchanting from +0 to +2 -> +3 inclusive (+10 p.atk. per enchantment level in this case) and a double bonus for each of the following enchantment levels, including +15 -> +16 (+20 p.atk. per enchantment level)

    the case with r-grade weapons is slightly different. for normal and bound bows (the bonus is different for different items) we receive a bonus of +12 p.atk. per enchantment level, up to +2 -> +3. beginning from +3 -> +4, by analogy with s-grade items, the bonus doubles, and we get +24 p.atk. for each enchantment level. further on a feature unique for r-grade items comes into play: +6 -> +7 gives us a triple bonus (+36 p.atk. per enchantment level) and +9 -> +10 brings about a x4 bonus (48 p.atk. per enchantment level). starting from +12 -> +13, we get a х5 bonus, in our case it is +60 p.atk. per enchantment level. the results are graphically presented in the table below:

     +0 -> +3+3->4+6 -> +7+9 -> +10+12 -> +13s-grade1x2x2x2x2r-grade1x2x3x4x5
    so weapons’ m.atk. increases similarly to p.atk. the first table also makes it clear how enchantment bonuses work for blessed items: for them, each enchantment level brings about 50% more bonuses than for normal and bound items of the same kind.
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  2. ccmecc

    ccmecc User

    would be nice to have same with armors (all parts) + listed bonuses for enchantment (cause of +4 gives special bonuses like evasion/speed/p-matk)
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