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Experiment 40 Overhit and drop chances

Discussion in 'Experiments Archive' started by Tully, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

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    tags: [god] [quests and drop]

    tully was in his forge (yes, he's got his personal forge) working on a weapon, hitting white-hot metal with a hammer. he liked to apply his physical power from time to time. it was a good way to direct his negative emotions into a creative stream.

    it was incredibly hot in the forge and tully's face was all covered in sweat but he didn't notice a thing, absorbed in this monotonous pounding, accompanied only by the loud sound of clanking of the hammer on the anvil.

    at some point he thought he was going too slowly and he accelerated. the hits became more frequent and harder. finally, tully raised his hand higher than before and dropped it suddenly. the blow was so hard that the blade he was forging actually split!

    shards of scorching metal went flying everywhere while tully froze, surprised at what he had just done.

    'wow... that's an overhit...'

    purpose: check if the chances of getting drop from monsters depend on overhit.

    test: the raid boss ron is killed by a 97 level character (so that there is no drop penalty). in 1,000 cases the last blow landed on ron is an overhit, plus 1,000 times the boss is killed with automatic attack. the amount of drop obtained is recorded.


    drop obtained when the boss was killed with an overhit:

    itemamountchance[​IMG] unidentified seraph gloves838.3%[​IMG] unidentified seraph necklace656.5%[​IMG] unidentified seraph leather helmet595.9%[​IMG] unidentified seraph leather leggins313.1%[​IMG] unidentified seraph breastplate262.6%[​IMG] ron's dual blunt weapon272.7%[​IMG] scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade)13213.2%

    drop obtained when the boss was killed with automatic attack:

    itemamountchance[​IMG] unidentified seraph gloves989.8%[​IMG] unidentified seraph necklace656.5%[​IMG] unidentified seraph leather helmet646.4%[​IMG] unidentified seraph leather leggins272.7%[​IMG] unidentified seraph breastplate333.3%[​IMG] ron's dual blunt weapon181.8%[​IMG] scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade)13513.5%

    as it can be seen from the table, there is no significant difference between killing a mob with overhit or automatic attack. that is, killing a mob with overhit only gives extra xp but has no influence on drop.
  2. booter

    booter User

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  3. evd1337

    evd1337 User

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    gosh , do you even bother to look at requested tests ?
    i asked to test killing 1 k rons with and 1k rons without vitality .
    since you did test with rons with overhit and without overhit , i'd say you don't look at request topic at all.
    you could at least close the topic , why waste people's time writing stuff u don't even look at...
  4. yLogy

    yLogy User

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    i think yumi and tully are humans and they cant do everythink in a day. so i believe other requests will be tested soon. :)
  5. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

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    the requests are looked at and put into a schedule of tests to be done, we also have tests listed to do that no users have requested but we also think could be useful to do. the tests are not all done at one time, they are spaced out to be done over time and there is no set order for the tests being done either so just be patient and keep calm, the list will be worked through over time.

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