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Paradise for scamers

Discussion in 'Archive' started by IFuria, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. IFuria

    IFuria User

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    name change ticket 25 euro

    after purchasing the item, it should be either in character's inventory or private warehouse
    create a new character (name donor) with the name you would like your main character to have; this new character (name donor) should be on the same account as the one whose nickname you are changing (presumably your main); if you already have a name donor on your account, please keep in mind that its items/skills/pets/etc will be deleted!
    when you've got your name change ticket in your inventory or warehouse and a name-donor character, you should create a ticket at our support
    click ask a question
    choose the l2store category
    choose the i want to change my character's nickname sub-category
    fill in all required fields
    submit your ticket

    ticket will be processed within the next 5 days.

    important info on the services:

    ticket processing time: 5 days.
    changed nicknames will not be published but the administration retains the right to provide this information in some cases.
    new nickname should not breach the conditions of user agreement.
    to change your nickname you need to create a new character that will server as a name donor. in case you've already got 7 characters on your account, you should first delete one of them (deletion period is 7 days and cannot be accelerated).
    new nicknames will replace old ones on friend lists, etc.
    gender change is not possible for kamael due to the specificity of their class-race dependence.
    the services are not limited in time (can even be applied daily).
    gender/name change service is final and is not subject to return/rollback.

    so now every1 can scam and just change nickname? nice every1 can scam istina for 1,2b and change nickname for 250kk and still has 950kk more in inventory. what do u think about it?
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  2. Krontas

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    one reason more not go into istina without clan. or we need a quite good scamlist in forum so that scammer has to pay 25€ every istinarun cause when you can you cant look what item you pick and if you pick and you are not the leader.. yes.. you are on blacklist xd

    its quite simple on istina. dont leave the cannon. the other largepartyraids i dont know if it is easy do handle.
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  3. Nyweris

    Nyweris User

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    and ofc every istina you drop epicz, gl with that^^
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