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Experiment 42 Critical Damage Increase

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 27 мар 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [skills]

    yumi was holding a bow, aiming for the target which she put at the other end of the clearing that she found in the nearby woods.

    she let go of the arrow and it went right past the target.

    'oh, for shilen's sake, i'll never get it right,' she said in a frustrated voice to herself.

    she had been training to shoot a bow from the very early morning but the results had been underwhelming so far.

    she did not turn out to be as good at it as she had hoped for, and she had a new-found respect for archers now, especially for the good ones. she did not know why she had expected herself to be any good at archery but usually she was good at everything she tried. oh well, one can't succeed in everything, perhaps.

    'if that was a raid boss i would've been dead by now, though,' she thought as she walked back to the archaic laboratory.

    her house sprung into view.

    'i wonder where my delivery is. should have been here by now...'


    in this test we will compare how long it will take an archer to kill a raid boss with and without [​IMG] critical damage increase.

    character: we took an elf yul archer, made him 3 [​IMG] level 5 tattoos +5 str +1 dex. that is, the character had 113 str and 67 dex.

    equipment: the character was equipped with [​IMG] eternal light armor set, [​IMG] amaranthine thrower (focus) and [​IMG] tauti’s and [​IMG] octavis’ rings.

    buffs: the archer only had the normal iss enchanter’s buffs with [​IMG] warrior's harmony and [​IMG] siege fire stance self-buff. the character’s p. critical equaled 500 throughout the test.

    test: the archer attacked the raid boss maliss using automatic attack (/attack). with a stop watch, we kept track of the time between the beginning of the attack and the monster’s death. in the first part of the test, the raid boss was aggroed by a tank, to prevent him from hitting the archer and removing his buffs. in the second part, the archer was constantly attacked by a rogue equipped with dual daggers, with an attack speed of 1500 and damage (without critical) from 300.

    we had noted down beforehand the average values of the archer’s damage on the target. the normal damage on the raid boss was about 320, with a normal critical it was approximately 3300, while under [​IMG]critical damage increase the damage was almost 6600. we killed 10 raid bosses for each of the tests. the results are presented in the table and diagram below:

    testresultwithout critical damage increase730.2 secwith critical damage increase505.4 sec
    this is how it looks on a diagram:


    conclusion: as we can see, although the buff increases critical damage almost twofold, the time required for killing the raid boss in seconds is only reduced by about a third. this is due to the fact that the [​IMG]critical damage increase buff does not override itself and is not always landed the moment the previous effect has finished. we often only managed to land the next buff 5-6 seconds after the previous one had worn out.
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